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Thread: The new SC6262 turbo ....pics added

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2008-12-31 01:37:25
The new SC6262 turbo ....pics added
Well I have dyno chart finaly of the new SC62 turbo supposedly on an EVO at AMS , it is the secret turbo supposedly

not to bad for how large it is , might be great for VE+T apps.

Here is an EVO with it ...they ran into the 9s with it in another video !!!
YouTube - AWD Motorsports Evo RS.. 743whp / 575tq.. E-85 Powered!!!
2008-12-31 02:57:27
that is super pretty. I'm trying to get a SC61 myself.
2008-12-31 03:05:14
aww I was trying to sneak on a 6262 and the BAM show people whats up. But now i'm thinking about buying fred's gt35
2008-12-31 03:11:29
I am finding how cheap I can get one tomarrow ....I thought about buying freds , also ...I have his block , I was ordering a new GT3582r , but my friend held out on ordering it intill I knew what I wanted for sure , I think I might give this a try ....it has huge power pontnetial , and it should spool somewhat decent , sc61-gt35rish , and with a VE head and all the other crap I have it should be interesting ...
2008-12-31 16:03:12
Spool on a 2.0l evo is supposed to be between 3700 to 4300 rpm ...where the gt3076r is around 3200 to 3800, and the 35r is is around 3600 to 4200 rpms
2008-12-31 16:29:04
whats the difference from this turbo. specs?

eBay Motors: Precision SC61 SC6162SP Turbo NEW T3 T4 Garrett GT35R (item 170191942773 end time Jan-01-09 08:59:39 PST)
2008-12-31 16:58:47
Eric. I remember you talkin about this turbo earlier this year... where can we get em and how much?

I tried looking for it and couldn't find it. Charles just finished up my manifold so now I'm looking for the

Turbo now. Was gonna go with the GT3582R but if this is better for around the same price ill be getting

One of these...

2008-12-31 18:59:28
so why did it make so much on the AMS evo ? they are running spray as well ?
2008-12-31 20:17:59
Now they where not spraying ...it is just really good at holding boost in the higher PSI range ....they where up in the 40psi range , as for a price ...I will know for sure soon ...oh and the SC 61 is a standard wheel constuction where the new SC62 is a billet wheel construction it offers supposed better response and power capabilities , and one has a 61mm wheel and the other has a 62mm wheel ....
2008-12-31 20:46:31
Originally Posted by nissan
the new SC62 is a billet wheel construction
That's the one thing that stood out to me in the pictures. Was wondering if it was a first...
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