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Thread: n60 maf problems

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2008-12-20 21:00:20
n60 maf problems
I've just put a new turbo set up on my car...520cc @ .4 bar fp, n60 maf, and a calum basic ecu. I burned chips for this set up per calum's .bin file. I set the fuel pressure according to the fsm on my nismo fpr. Only code being thrown is for the maf. I wired it according to the jwt 300zx maf diagram and checked voltage on the maf. From what I could tell the voltage and resistance seem to be within specs. My problem is that I can't keep the car running long enough with the maf plugged in to really test it. If i unplug the maf it runs decent, just a little miss but not too bad (I'm sure part of this is the plugs, they're fouling out really really fast). As soon as I plug the maf in it stumbles on it's face. Should I just replace the maf or is there a problem w/ the program or what? The maf was purchased from someone on here. At a dead end. I also checked my wiring on the maf thinking that maybe it was wired up backwards on a hungover day but it is all wired right. I also am running the stock bov at the moment and it is leaking during idle on my blow through set up, but the maf should still function shouldn't it...
2008-12-21 19:38:14
started the car yesterday and checked the maf voltage w/ my multimeter...at idle it was around 1.5 volts, and climbed as the car was revved. but the car is still missing very badly and when the maf is unplugged it idle's and revs fine up to 3500 rpms. Is the sensor just bad or what? I'm pretty sure that calum gave me the right .bin file...anyway to check into this? the k values or whatnot? anyone have a .bin for my set up that I can compare mine to?
2008-12-24 19:56:44
The jwt diagram is wrong. Try switching the 12v with the signal and see what happens. After that reground the second ground(coming from the N60) to the chassis or battery.
2008-12-24 20:05:19
the old diagram is wrong i believe its been changed since then cuz i used it on the first one i did a year ago and it worked perfectly, If he is getting a signal voltage of 1.5 then it seems correct. engine off key on you should get around .74v or so. Check it again with it off cuz again if you have it backwards its hard to tell.

Its easy to get it backwards. Try again and recheck
2008-12-24 22:33:00
I'm actually having the same problem. Haven't check voltage, mine is blow thru also. Could it possibly be leaking and throwing a code? Since I haven't resealed it yet.
2008-12-24 22:58:24
usually a maf code is only done if the maf is not wired correctly or it loses its ground or power to it. Perform the simple check. It has nothing about being in blowthru.
2008-12-25 13:36:38
well my car is acting like it has a vacuum leak and it's the only spot it can be leaking from. no I haven't checked with a tester, but just seems like it's that or it's not wired properly. JWT Instructions are weird! They go backwards from every other way that a normal electrical connection is.
2008-12-25 15:55:34
w/ the ignition on i'm getting around .3 volts not .74. The specs for the stock maf in the fsm say that it should be under 1.0 volt, doesn't give specifics. I've tried the wires both ways (switching the 12 volt reference and signal wires). It runs ****ty one way and the other way i can't keep it running long enough to check the voltage. I checked my .bin to make sure i didn't burn something wrong and i did have the start address wrong for my b14, but i reinstalled the chips and still the same problem. I can try regrounding the maf but i don't see a need for it because when i test the voltage on my engine ground and when i check it on the maf grounds i get the same reading.
2008-12-25 22:38:54
just get a n62 and be done with it.

I was having similar problems with the n60, so i decided to just go to the n62.
2008-12-28 00:15:18
you have a bin for the n62 jon? and i'm guessing the n62 is out of what...99+ maxima's? Part # would be great.
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