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Thread: n60 maf problems

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2009-05-30 00:40:15
Are you running a DE-T or DET? the timing maps in the bins you sent me were for DE-T
2009-05-30 15:14:40
running a u13 det, had no idea the timing maps were that much different. Got another bin for me to try??
2009-05-30 21:31:18
Actually I just looked at it and it wasn't either timing map haha Where did you get this 520 bin from? It's all messed up. And it's just at WOT so I don't think it will change anything. I can send you it if you want.
2009-05-30 21:48:01

I don't remember where i got it from. erick on the other forum said he was going to send me a couple to try but i haven't heard back from him yet. do you have the bin for your set up I can just copy the timing map and try it out. should be the same between a bluebird and avenir.
2009-05-31 00:30:01
Yeah thats what I just did, took my map and added the injectors to it so I'll email that to you to try.
2009-05-31 01:13:03
something's fishy around here...haha

I just compared calum's b14-sr20det-370 inj 4bar-z32maf to my b14 sr20det 520 inj z32 maf 4 bar. And they both have different vq maps. I'm guessing this is what you were referring to before??

They also both have different ignition timing maps. and the "boost" scales are totally different. I took a screenshot of the timing maps but had already changed the first 4 cells from the left before I noticed the different scales.


and the vq maps side by side...

I guess this page will end up in the tuning section before it's all said and done huh???
2009-05-31 01:40:28
I duno man, kinda confusing lol Try the new bin I sent you to see how that works out.
2009-05-31 20:59:32
ran a little better but is still missing like crazy.

hooked nds up and it said xxxxx-TURBO when i connected to the ecu, first time i've seen that happen. I took it up the street real quick but couldn't hardly drive it. I got back and had codes for maf circuit, cam pos sensor circuit, and ignition circuit. First I've seen of these codes as well.
2009-05-31 21:22:04
well that the exact setup I'm running, except the injectors are changed so you defiantly have something going on with spark. I say change the distributor. Is it smoking or anything? Maybe you have a bad maf and dist. I'd defiantly start with the dist. since your not getting spark and missing.
2009-05-31 22:40:14
is there any difference in the ecu in the 96 and 98 se-r?
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