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Thread: boost cooler? methanol injection?

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2007-12-27 18:49:56
boost cooler? methanol injection?
how exactly does this work?

2007-12-27 19:18:04
basicly a switch

than when activated sprays the gas or whatever you are running into the charge pipe.

cooling down the turbo charge.

then when the switch is reactivated, the process goes again.

its kinda like a intercooler sprayer, at a certain point the intercooler sprayer goes off cooling the intercooler, basicly a little more complicated intercooler sprayer for your charge pipe.
2007-12-27 19:46:32
methanol injection is awesome
it actually sprays it inside the intake (like nitrous)

the alcohol does such a good job cooling that you wouldn't even need an intercooler

my buddies gtp with a higer psi pulley gained 30whp on meth
2007-12-27 21:05:08
so basically it just cools the intake air temp? What's the biggest difference between nos and meth?
2007-12-27 21:24:31
well neither injection is plug and play, they both have to be tuned to your applicaiton

with nitrous injection (for cooling) you gernally need to retard your timing enough to avoid pre-ignition nitrous is more of a power adder and not so much safety buffer.

while water injector is a safety buffer/ water injection is a octane Improver also.

when you run water injection with methanol and tuned properly it works as both power adder and safety buffer.

both do need to be tuned tho,esp to gain the most safety factor be it using nitrous or water/meth

do also realize that there are safety factors when you do run water injection, like the fact that when you have your car tuned in boost for water injection and you happen to run out of water, this will blow your motor/damage your motor/ you have to consistantly check the nozzle to make sure they are functioning properly. as your motor is relying on it.

i donno there are many factors when you get into power additives
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