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Thread: Holset set-ups?

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2008-12-09 19:38:23
Holset set-ups?
Anybody have any pictures of there holset set-ups? I am going with this turbo in feburary and would like to see how people set them up.

I am thinking of getting this manfold with the 38mm wg
Nissan - Spoolin Performance

Or of course this protech's shorty fwd one again with the 38mm wg

Next comes getting whatever output it has whether it be a gt 4 bolt or a 5 bott, or hopefully v-band because that's what i am changing everything to.

With one of these
Steel - V-band Conversion - 5Bolt: atpturbo.com

Or one of these
V-Band Adapter Module, 4 bolt GT 3" to 3" V-Band: atpturbo.com

Whatever it may be then use one of these to connect to my DP, which will have a v-band connector and then.... I am done!
3.00" 90 V-Band Pipe - Long Leg: atpturbo.com

So what do you guys think of my plan. BTW this is all subject to change, but looks like it will work pretty damn good.
2008-12-09 19:55:18
Great plan, except I don't think you're going to have room to adapt the turbine outlet to V-band and then run a 3" 90 degree bend. I'd predict you run into the oil pan with that plan.

Study this exhaust well:

2008-12-09 20:00:09
Well, they have shorter elbows and some of those adapters don't take up much room and one more thing if you look at the SP mani it really puts the turbo far to the right, so i think this will work and if it needs some cutting and welding thats NO problem. Anyway you get the idea.
2008-12-09 20:06:52
Yah, seems like a good idea then.

If you can weld though, I'd recommend skipping on the 90 degree piece from ATP and just buy v-bands and pipe.
2008-12-09 20:31:42
The concept is alright.... but why the converting? Weld your piping to the 4-bolt or 5-bolt discharge flange and put your v-bands further down in the exhaust. Im not trying to toot my own horn, and thanks for referencing my exhaust system ben I think your complicating it to much....Do as ben said and skip the 90* piece and just buy your v-bands and piping
2008-12-09 20:40:52
I agree with sniper, you're over complicating the issue. I've planned out my exhaust months ago and plan on doing something very similar to what sniper did.

Grab the bare flange you need for coming off the turbo without any v-bands or anything on it, then route the exhaust down below the engine. Get a flex pipe on there, and then think about putting a v-band flange there.

That is, if you can weld, or have access to a welder and someone who can.

If you can't find a flange you need, ask us. We'll know where to find it.
2008-12-09 20:48:17
I think you guys are misunderstanding me here. I don't plan on buying all those parts. It was just a way to show how I am planning on putting it together. I'll be doing all my welding. I just have to buy the flanges and v-bands.

Now is that cool?
2008-12-09 21:00:57

I'd still eliminate both v-band flanges you planned on and only use one way back behind the engine by where the front sway bar is. I don't see the need for either of the ones you plan on adding.

Okay, on second thought, the one right by the turbo outlet makes a bit of sense so you can take off the downpipe by undoing two v-bands instead of one v-band and a 4 or 5 bolt flange.

Still no need for the second v-band flange you planned on. Save the money.
2008-12-09 22:27:42
I'm going with the Spoolin Performance log as well pretty soon, unless the protech isn't much more. I'm gonna run an HX35W (internally gated) and block off the wastegate flange on the manifold for now. I will be making my current side exit dump pipe work on the new setup.
2008-12-11 19:58:43
ya. my buddy is sellin me his hy35 soon so i'm lookin foward to that. those are some violent turbo's when they come alive. there is a big holset thread on hondatech and a dsm forum(i forget which one though) where they go pretty in depth on all the specs.
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