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Thread: cyl # 1 not firing

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2007-12-26 22:32:11
cyl # 1 not firing
took the car for a spin check the plugs they where ll black (rich) but cyl num 1 nun at all.
2007-12-26 22:33:24
you checked for no spark on the cylinder?
2007-12-26 23:07:48
yep its getting spark
yep its getting spark
2007-12-26 23:09:58
so its getting spark but not firing? sounds like a injector problem if its getting spark but no fuel?
2007-12-26 23:22:43
this is driving me crazy i need this thing to drive before school starts how can i check if its my injectors?
2007-12-27 00:19:10
What injectors are you running?I've seen the stock 370's do things like that.
2007-12-27 00:49:06
well what i would do and i donno if this is orthodox or not, but start the car.

unclip the injector plug and pull it, and if it doesnt make a difference in the way the car idles then its a fuel problem.

you checked for spark and you are getting spark so spark shouldnt be the issue.

did this problem JUST start?

how rich do you think you are running do you hve any way to monitor your air fuel ratios?
2007-12-27 02:01:22
Yea its the stock 370's ,i have a nismo fpr st at 35 psi .
2007-12-27 02:39:55
35 psi how? With the vacuum capped? Uncapped?

You should be at 45psi, with the vacuum capped off.
2007-12-27 12:30:20
It wouldnt be a bad piston or anything like that right .am gonna try swapping the injecters and chckif the problem prsists.that was with vacumm capped on
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