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Thread: cyl # 1 not firing

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2007-12-29 16:35:00
Sounds likely. Now you need to start doing some wire tracing. Continuity checks ftw.
2007-12-29 16:47:02
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
uncap it and set it at 45...it probably is an injector problem but this should help the "rich" problem. any cel's? like cylinder 1 misfire or anything? Does that plug smell like it has gas on it? what's the gap on that #1 plug at?

i'm willing to bet that you forgot to set the gap on that plug when you put it in and the spark is blowing out.

gas on the plug???
2007-12-29 17:35:04
Originally Posted by daredu13
ok guys i connected the injector plug from cyl 2 into cyl 1 and cyl number one is now firing so am guessing its the harness .

damn that sucks i was hoping it was the injector wiring isnt fun
2007-12-29 19:32:30
injector not working.

i doubt you chopped the harness to the injecotrs since there 370s might be the 370 is stuck closed. dont ever take your car to the shop again
2007-12-29 19:38:03
you do the nine volt battery test on it?
2007-12-29 22:17:06
4 weeks ago, i had the same problem. The connector on the injector wasn't good. I gut off the connectors and made some myself and the problem didn't come back.


I'm dutch, that's y the lame englisch
2007-12-30 05:07:53
So you're saying the actual injector is good?

In that case, it's either the plug, wiring, or ECU. Continuity checks start now.
2007-12-30 05:17:47
Originally Posted by daredu13
can u guys beleave that the place i took the car charged me 100 dollars for a diagnostics and say they cannot find whats wrong with the car damn.i think some thing is up with my harness.

Well ****, most shops try to screw you in the first place.
2007-12-30 16:01:00
ok so far i cut the plug and replaced with one i had off a bad harness a had in the garage.
still no luck.

one question when the key is in the acc position with the car off is the ecu light suppose to be red or is that indicating a problem.
2007-12-30 16:09:14
With the key in the acc position, the service engine soon light should come on.

Sounds to me like you need to swap in another ECU. Maybe the injector driver is bad for #1 on the ECU?

Have you done a resistance check on the harness itself? There may be a break/cut/pin broke off on the harness between the ECU and the injector...
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