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Thread: Big Dog Status

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2008-12-04 21:00:51
these borg warner turbos seem to be the choice these days for the big turbo guys.. interesting
2008-12-04 21:22:36
Originally Posted by Johnny
Your nuts! Im looking at a turbo right now thats good for 550-600whp. Im trying to work the details out with the guy now...Turbo VE goodness!

i would suggest the mr turbo billet s56 gt3 i think it is, basically runs a borg warner 256 compressor with a very similar to the garret/turbonetics 10 bladed, tall tip back swept rear wheels, with a duel ceramic ball bearing center. (these centers are the bomb!) And you can have them in divided ex housings.

the billet turbos are the only ones that will have a borg warner compressor teamed a true ball bearing core.

here is a little info about their core taken from their site:

"The perfectly matched aeronautic grade twin full complement silicon nitride ball bearing system developed by Billet Turbocharger disregards the need for a bearing cage altogether. With out the need for a bearing cage the Billet Turbochargers ball bearing system has considerably less drag than conventional ball bearing turbo's.

The Billet Turbochargers silicon nitride balls are over 200% lighter than steel ball bearings, have a truer shape and they can withstand more heat and higher thrust loads. With lighter, truer shaped ball bearings and no bearing cage, then used in conjunction with the latest compressor wheels and Inconel turbines. Billet Turbochargers make more power, spin up faster and can with stand more punishment by design.

The Billet center cartridge and back plates are a unique advanced light weight, hard anodized precision CNC machined air craft grade
billet aluminum piece"
2008-12-04 22:14:46
Originally Posted by anomaly
these borg warner turbos seem to be the choice these days for the big turbo guys.. interesting

Definetly true, but they do offer plenty other sizes to choose from, small to huge. Really can't go wrong with bullseye/borg warner, I'm a huge fan already and I haven't even utilized it yet. I know plenty of shops in my area that use them, and honda-tech has numerous comparisons to similar sized garrett turbos and they come on top. Extended point technology, rebuildable, and a lot cheaper. Ball bearings are not rebuildable, you have to get a whole new unit, granted they shouldn't break, but you never know. I'm excited to see what this turbo does specifically on an sr20, cause I've seen it on hondas already.
2008-12-04 22:29:28
^^ yeah will be interesting, from what i have seen the bullseye housings are no where near up to the same standard as the standard borg warner units.
2008-12-04 22:39:17
I hope you have a good clutch and tranny.

2008-12-04 22:59:22
Ain't no thang but a chicken wang^^
2008-12-05 01:38:59
your b14 was nuts cant wait to see whats next
2008-12-05 02:49:23
thanks tommy, should get my motor and head friday(tomorrow)
2008-12-06 21:43:46
Good luck with it bro, that engined treated me welll threw the years untill a year ago. BTW, That looks like a turbo I'd use on my bike..Buy a turbo that would lag and make power already
2008-12-06 22:48:15
lol, thanks nick, I'll keep you posted as usual.
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