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Thread: Another pull-through vs blow through

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2008-12-06 19:08:17

So I got my DET swap in a car that was a wiring mess. It came with 2 MAF, and they were all the exact same from the DE or Avenir DET. This might have been the PO's fault, or they might in fact be the same setup (isn't the DE MAF good for like 250hp, and these are what, 205, 230hp factory?).

Also, about the timing above, I didn't know it at the time but I had a code 34 (Detonation Sensor), I have since fixed that, and even though I still think it will pull timing around there (since it seems like it's torque peak AKA most likely place to detonate), I think the MAF is getting maxed out in blow-thru.

So my question remains, is there an open element MAF that can be swapped out and not have to retune the ECU? Just for a quick test? (I'm highly considering Megasquirting the damn thing...)
2008-12-06 20:19:59
Originally Posted by gsr20det

I RUN A STOCK DE MAF YOU BITCH!!!!! thats why its called BUDGET. ever heard of it??? prob not, prob have parents that pay for all your ****.

Or he probably pays for everything himself, is my guess.

This thread makes wide sweeping generalizations, from "Johnny Wangwang is a bitch" to "blow-through sucks" and "everyone runs DE mafs".

I appreciate what Coheed is bringing up, as there really does seem to be an issue with DE mafs on blow-through setups due to the design of the MAF housing, but aside from that, blow-through setups are superior to draw-through setups.

1) Ability to drive the car if an intercooler pipe is disconnected
2) It seems that a great majority of the people who run BOV's on their draw-through setups seem to have more issues with stalling and running rich than their counterparts with blow-through setups
2008-12-07 00:58:48
I tried running my car NA and it wouldn't go over 2500rpm on blow thru. This is purely in the tune I think. I blew off a coupler getting on the freeway once and I got stranded. Car wouldn't make it up the hill.

I will actually test the setup on my car when I start to change things around. I like the smoothness of the pull-thru. It really does seem like the car runs smoother on pull-thru to me. I have had two cars at once running both setups and the pull-thru had smoother power delivery, though slightly muddier throttle response.

Like I said at the beginning, take all this with a grain of salt. Do whatever setup you like and have fun. They both work on cobra/z32 mafs which is what most people run anyway. I would just get rid of the stock maf if you really want to go blow thru reliably.
2008-12-08 05:05:39
Originally Posted by wildmane
Or he probably pays for everything himself, is my guess.

This thread makes wide sweeping generalizations, from "Johnny Wangwang is a bitch" to "blow-through sucks" and "everyone runs DE mafs".

now that was just fun to say to be honest!!!! its the fact that not everyone has money to play with, and i have done this for under 2500 bucks!!!! (including car purchase, tires, GAS, oil, and everything that has even touched the car. including car washes!!!)
2008-12-08 16:49:58
Coheed which pipe did you blow?
Back when I used to blow the one right before the MAF, I had the same problem, and it was caused by turbulence of the turbo output. I just had to move that pipe off to the side where it wasn't hitting the MAF and was able to get home no prob.
2008-12-08 18:44:00
On mine I blew the coupler right off the intercooler. There was zero boost getting through. I tried driving the car to the gas station after it blew cause I wasn't far from home, but the car would not run over 3K rpm. All the timing was pulled and the car would be so slow. It would not rev over 3500rpm at all.

Before my intercooler piping was even put on I got the same results when trying to drive the car NA. The tune is horrible for running NA. I will have to set the car up for pull-thru to see which one I like more. Blowing couplers off will not be considered for my decision because it never happens on my car. Even 24-26psi with non-reinforced couplers, they blow up like a balloon but never pop off.
2008-12-08 21:48:17
I drove to cody's show with no pipe going from turbo to my maf with as I had no IC piping in yet and the car drove fine. it was just like NA. I don't know why you had so many problems.

2008-12-09 00:29:16
Originally Posted by gsr20det
Originally Posted by Johnny
Yawn...you obviously havent ever tuned with an SAFC. Going from 10to 12 af range isnt hard at all. Hell my Calum ECU had my car running so rich the wideband gauge wouldnt even read. Threw the SAFC on and tuned it within 5 minutes easy. You also talking about using a DE maf blowthrough and then you also mention how its has an intake the size of a quarter. Who the hell runs a DE maf anyway when they are turbo? This is what IM saying...you keep trying to say that draw through makes more power then blow. Or at least thats what your implying with the title. But I dont agree with that. CLARIFY what your actually trying to say and say that Draw through makes more power then blow through on a DE maf with no tuning from what youve seen. Because that is bascially what your argument here is lol.

This thread isnt helping 95% of the turbo people here because most A. Dont run a DE maf turbo lol much less will you see anyone running one blow through and B. Most people run more to tune with then just a calum basic! You shouldnt make the assumption that most of the people here are just running a calum ECU. Hell if you dont have a Calum Realtime EVEN Calum himself says that its just a base tune and youll probably need something else on top of it. Which is what most people here do...

I RUN A STOCK DE MAF YOU BITCH!!!!! thats why its called BUDGET. ever heard of it??? prob not, prob have parents that pay for all your ****.

If you were here you wouldnt talk to me like that so why are you typing like that? Youd get punched in the face. The parents paying for my **** is also the dumbest comment Ive ever read. You dont know me. You also dont equal 95% of the people on this board! But anyway...my beef wasnt with you. It was with what the thread was implying because of the title and other things. Me and Coheed have no beef and I have no problem with you Coheed. Thanks for changing the stuff and clarifying what you were trying to say. GSR20DET if you would like we can have the conversation in person at the convention about how you feel and you can say what youve typed here in person. Then Ill take it from there. Sound good? Just yell out "WHOS Johnny Wangwang?" Ill point myself out and gladly step forward! With that said... you may want to watch your tounge in the future. If your bold enough to name call on the board please be bold enough to also do it in person.

Anyway back on topic. Ive driven my car when I first went blow through and blew a coupler off before the maf. The car cut off and wouldnt start for a sec. I think it went stupid rich. After a sec it started back up and I drove it home. Jacked the car up and fixed the coupler. It ran fine after. Ive blown the coupler off a few more times after words and all the car does is feel like it hits a brick wall and then its just goes back to idle and runs fine. I even ran my car with the intercooler piping hooked up but the pipe from the turbo to the intercooler not hooked up so I could make sure everything ran fine before I boosted the motor. It ran fine like that also. I think it was more of your tune on that one coheed.
2008-12-09 13:27:00
Ya That's what I was thinking as well. The JWT tune pulls timing to 15* whether there is boost present or not.
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