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Thread: oil feed fitting thread size???

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2008-10-30 06:19:27
oil feed fitting thread size???
ANYBODY....pleeeeease....help a brotha out!

i am having a hell of a time figuring out what the thread is to order the fitting for the oil feed line into the turbo. i have my steel braided oil feed line, but i need the fitting from the line to the turbo. i got a fitting with my line that was 12x1.50 and that is not the correct size. if you know please tell me. if you have a fitting laying around, please run to the hardware store and figure it out for me. this is the final part i need to boost! it is the flare fitting for the oil feed on a stock garrett t25.
thank you!
2008-10-30 06:51:39
i am under the impression for another forum that 7/16-24 is the thread of the turbo....
any takers?
2008-10-30 07:11:24
Just go to here:

-4 size Oil inlet fitting for T25/T28 or unrestricted GT25R/GT28R/GT30R/GT35R: atpturbo.com

This is the unrestricted oil feed fitting for a T2x turbo. You ought to get yourself an inline restrictor too.

If you're real brave you can get this one: -4 size Oil inlet fitting for GT28/30/35R with built-in restrictor: atpturbo.com and redrill it to the larger .065" size to give proper restriction for the T2x turbos.

Here's the link for the 1/8npt restrictor, it just goes in line off your oil distribution block:
Oil Inlet Restrictor - .065" hole size 1/8" NPT (for Journal bearing and larger GT BB): atpturbo.com

I should have asked first, but all this above is assuming you're using a -4AN fitting on your SS line. If you're using a -3AN, you'll need to look around some more, but I think ATP has them. Hope that helps.
2008-10-30 15:22:00
yes, atp has them. i called atp and talked to them. they were usless!
the fitting i got with my oil feed line came from atp. it is not the correct fitting.
so i now need to do the legwork to figure out the thread and get the correct fitting. atp has been a very useful resource for me thus far, up until now.
i have seen those links you posted, but without knowing the thread size, i would be guessing.
thanx anyway doc.
although a 7/16-24 standard size doesnt sound right to me, i am off to figure it out.
2008-10-30 17:55:00
7/16-24 flare fitting is correct. You can use a standard brake line and bend up a small hardline around the turbo very cheaply.

That is what I did the past. Buy short brake line, cut off one end, bend to fit around turbo, slip AN hard line nut and sleeve, flare end, and good to go.
2008-10-30 19:24:33
wow, I can't believe that was useless to you. That's the same fitting that I used to have on my T28, and the same fitting, although restricted, for my GT28RS. Seems very odd to me.

Are you saying the fitting you got from them didn't fit into your turbo, or didn't fit the line?

If a brake line fitting works, all you need to do is call someone like the parker store or AN PLUMBING.COM Earls performance products Hose ends Hose,Adapter fittings (those guys are awesomely helpful) and find out what the fitting size you need is. Have you tried them? It's an earl's direct oulet.
2008-11-02 07:27:40
it was determined today that the thread is infact a 7/16-24

they were usless as they did not have the info i was after. all the info was helpful in pointing me in the right direction, but i needed specific info nobody knew over the phone. i had to get out and do the legwork. all set now though!!!
2008-11-02 16:46:07
I have an unrestricted 3an feed line sitting around if you need one.
2008-11-02 19:17:55
Not to start another thread, as this can be applicable here, where can one find a 1/8 BPT to NPT or AN fitting that comes out of the block at the stock oil pressure sender location?

Is this what I need?
Auto Meter
2008-11-02 19:35:25
Originally Posted by blairellis
Not to start another thread, as this can be applicable here, where can one find a 1/8 BPT to NPT or AN fitting that comes out of the block at the stock oil pressure sender location?

Is this what I need?
Auto Meter

That will work.
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