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Thread: vacume is low...out of ideas

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2008-10-25 17:40:54
Cam timing is off more than 1 degree then. Simple as that. You could have skipped a tooth on the crank.
2008-10-25 17:43:26
k..ill break it down and take a look. 10 links between the marks on the sprokets, right? that what its supposed to be right?
2008-10-25 17:52:35
yup. ill admit when im stubborn and wrong. its a tooth short, only 9 of them between the pins. thanks for the help, i feel really stupid now. happy though.
2008-10-25 17:55:21
no problem man. its supposed to be 11 though..Your off two.lol. Make sure at tdc that the number one cyclinder camshafts are facing 180 out. you should be able to tell visually that one is off or both.
2008-10-25 18:00:33
really? i thought there were supposed to be like 20 pins......just going off what i found on the writeups......k once it stops raining ill get it straight. it just a relief to know the problem.
2008-10-25 18:06:54
Man, I am glad you found what was wrong. I hope that fixes it all bro. And no worries, we all get caught up in "knowing" we did something right a million times. That how I left a rag in my intake one time. Oh yea, talk about feeling dumb. It happens to all of us.
2008-10-25 18:09:19
yeah, math was a little off..i was thinking 21 for some reason. yeah its 20 pins - 10 links.
2008-10-25 18:16:15
cool, thanks for the help. despite my retardness.
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