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Thread: Tires for Boost

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2009-02-24 00:12:47
falken azenis rt615

they grip in the rain.. i live in miami i know..
pics for example... i do have Ziexs in the rear.
2009-02-24 00:12:53
Originally Posted by LOUROK
That's what I have on as my winter wheels. I think there fine and ride very smooth over bumps. Great for the dragstrip also. I paid $39.00 each for these kuhmo's like 5 years ago. To answers your question no they won't be bad.

Oh snap I would buy two sets at $40 a piece!!!!

Do you have any more details on them? How long did they last, how good were they in the rain
2009-02-24 00:27:15
I keep trying to tell people that wider tires don't mean more grip. But in a rubber tire the bigger the contact patch, the less heat (in most cases). The #1 variable in changing the coefficient of friction in a tire is heat. Tires are only grippy under a certain temp range and every tire is different. IF you can keep the tire temp consistent by spreading the surface area in contact with the road then you will have better traction.

I have looked into some BFG Gforce sport 225-50r15 and they go for about $115 a piece over here. I have been debating this. I really need something that will actually provide traction, and it is hard for me to find a compound worth a crap for a decent price. The 195 and 205 width tires don't seem to come in a compound that is decent. The Falken 615 is more like the width of a 215 or 225, but is rated a 205. I don't want those tires though. Not a fan.
2009-02-24 00:48:14
Originally Posted by Coheed
I keep trying to tell people that wider tires don't mean more grip.
You should stop misinforming people then.
2009-02-24 01:14:25
Really? You serious?

What I really mean, is a wider tire doesn't necessarily mean more grip. If you look into the total friction you will notice that the total resistance to movement is based on pressure and surface area. So as the total surface area goes up, the pressure goes down, and the total friction remains the same.

The friction between the tire and the ground is nearly the same whether the tire is wide or narrow. The purpose of the greater contact area is to reduce heating and wear. You will get better traction when using wider tires but it will depend mostly on the compound of the tire and the temp it is operated. NOT the surface area.
2009-02-24 04:40:19
Here is how Chris at Carbibles described it:

Now I'm not getting wider, but taller here
2009-02-24 05:00:33
^^^^ This was my solution, get a larger diameter tire and you increase the contact patch as well. The larger diameter helps with traction more than the contact patch. Larger tire lenghtens the gear, and lowers the torque multiplication through the gears by doing so. My step was a 205-55, but this has proven to be too small as well. I will be getting the alignment set to 0 on the front this season for the drag strip.
2009-02-24 05:05:35
Yup I wish I have learned about this earlier and would have bought 195/60/15 a long time ago, especially since they are so much cheaper.

I like feeling the torque, but traction is nice too hehe
2009-02-24 05:17:09
It is a double edge sword. I like the taller tires because they give you better traction in lower gears, but they can take away some of the thrills in the higher gears. (gearing).
2009-02-24 05:47:48
Coheed, you should try the toyo r888's. They're awesome for summer. Even made first gear usable at least for me. I ran 205/50/15's
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