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Thread: Tires for Boost

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2008-10-21 02:05:42
Tires for Boost
In the attempt to keep this forum running, even though I've searched and kinda failed, I'm still gonna ask .

What tires would you guys suggest for DD boosted car.

I'm thinking something like Falken Ziex 912's at 205/50 15's H86.

I am looking for something not overly priced hehe
2008-10-21 02:30:39
Falken Azenis or Hankook Ventus R-S2.
Something like those. I wouldn't do an all season tire. That being said, the Falken Ziex are a great all season, comparable to some crappy summer tires.
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2008-10-21 02:44:34
512's are nice, i got the 912's on my car now, there ok, t25 they'll be fine for you. they can't handle my gt28r though :/
2008-10-21 02:44:58
We do get plenty of snowfall around here, so all seasons are needed. I wouldn't mind having something under $300 shipped.
2008-10-21 04:57:34
Ive got some lowend Toyos on my car right now. Going from My BFG's and then swapping the BF's out for these for daily driving I honestly dont have that many complaints. The car is going to spin first regardless of what tire you have on the car even with a T25 at high boost. But with my Falkien Ziex's the car would light up second AND third on high boost. These toyo all seasons really impressed me because they only light up second. But once I shift into third they just grip and go. Ive heard alot of good things about Toyo tires minues the noise. Not sure what kind of Toyo's these are since they came with the other NX I just bought. But I can tell they are all seasons by the tread. They hook damn well though.

Azenis, Drag Radials, and Road race tires should only be put on our cars when your REALLY just going to be driving the car for a fun weekend or something. Other then that they wear out to quick with DET'd car (for me at least) to keep the on the car for long periods of time. This is why my drag radials arent daily driven anymore.
2008-10-21 05:31:55
I'm running the Hankook Ventus RS-2.They seem to hold up ok.
2008-10-21 05:33:11
^^^Ive heard NOTHING but great things about those. But the price reflects it.
2008-10-21 05:56:31
I have the Azenis, but I only drive in the summer. My friend has the Ziex 912's on her RSX type-S and has had em on the car for a year with plenty of tread left and the K20 chirps 2nd all the time. Buy the tires and stay off the pedal, you should be fine.
2008-10-21 12:46:22
I used to deliver pizza all winter in the snow (New England) with high performance summer tires. No excuses!

Edit: You could always get another set of wheels and rock some real snow tires, and then some real summer tires.
2008-10-21 14:49:41
I agree completely. For the cheapness of some B13 wheels, you could get some snow tires without any considerable expense on the wheels and then get good tires for the times when you can make use of your powah.
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