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Thread: pressure testing question

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2008-10-20 20:27:41
pressure testing question
This past friday we went to get our forester tuned.

Well, it didnt happen, and now im lesft dumbfounded. the turner is reguarded as one of the best on the easy coast, and it wasnt his tune, it was a pressure test thats left me thinking.

So, they attached a pressure testiing device to the intake side of the turbo, just pastthe maf so it wasnt involved. But why would they pressure test the turbo inlet. Yes, the inlet. See, as far as I know(could be wrong though) the turbo intake and stock air box see no PSI since the turbo actually compresses the air, correct?

So pushing 15 psi thru the stock inlet with the car off (the inlet is thin rubber) could have actually caused my leak?

Any ideas?
2008-10-20 21:07:55
Technically there is no boost before the inlet of the turbo but you must test there becuase there is suction that could suck in unmetered air after the MAF.
2008-10-20 21:17:40
He was probably testing vacuum pressure, there is no positive pressure on the inlet side, but since mass is conserved you're going to end up with the same (but negative) vacuum pressure as you have static pressure on the outlet side.

Note that this is only true when the engine is at a constant RPM and throttle though.
2008-10-20 21:46:11
No there is no boost pressure seen at the intake. However, why not check it to see if the turbo and intake itself are good? I always test as much of the piping as I can to see if there are any boost OR vacuum leaks. You'll hear a hissing noise either way and that makes it easy to diagnose where the leak is coming from.
2008-10-21 01:20:53
It makes alot of sence but why me? LOL I have been fighting swapping the damn inlet for 3+ hours and now I quit. Im overnighting one tomorrow. An aftermarket one, lol. Dang stock parts not fittin like they should
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