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Thread: smoking ???

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2008-10-18 07:32:25
smoking ???
ok guys, tonight we were out beating on our cars, and my car was running fine, pulling strong, no cutting out, and then i put in 5th and coast back down the speed limit and a friend calls and said i was smoking, so i just blew it off, then i get further down the road and i notice the smoke, so i take her home, pop the hood and smoke is coming out of my valve cover where it t's to the catch can thing, i was running rich but not to rich it was around 10:9, but i was wondering if it was so hot, after i let it run lean just coasting back down to the speed limiti if i burned something up ?

my question is do you think it is a piston or rings problem or do you think it is a valve problem ?
2008-10-18 12:55:11
Is this blowby that is coming out of the vc? You don't have to worry about running lean on decel, it shouldn't hurt a thing because the injectors shut off completely under decel.

Perhaps you blew the welds on your intake? just kidding, but I would do a compression check to make sure everything is still good.
2008-10-19 12:33:26
Yeah if there was smoke coming from the VC I would start getting nervous. Compression test for sure
2008-10-19 18:22:52
what happened to mine, check #3 cylinder
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