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Thread: My HP Goals...

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2008-10-18 04:14:21
My HP Goals...
I have this setup right now and I'm running 11.95 @ 118mph, fastest mph of 119. 20 pounds of boost for these runs on 91 octane pump gas:

W11 Avenir Completely Stock
GTi-R T28 Setup
Greddy Type S BOV
Calum Realtime
Subaru 520cc Injectors @ 4 bar
O2 Induction Style Manifold
3.5" Front Bumper Side Exit Exhaust

I plan on these upgrades on top of what I have already:
S4 Cams
BC Springs and Retainers
Cosworth Headgasket
Outlaw Thermoblock Spacers
AEBS headstuds
P11 transmission

Now my goal is to be at 400whp on pump gas at about 15psi. I don't think I can accomplish this with the .86 AR GT2871R. It may be possible with an external wastegate/tubular manifold combo and maybe some head flow work. Does anyone think it can be done? I don't really want to step up to the GT3071R for lag purposes...

I'm really just looking for some feedback or suggestions. Thanks guys.
2008-10-18 04:41:34
Out of curiousity why are you going for a certain HP number? What exactly are you looking for out of the car? Is it a drag race car mainly? If so you need to be thinking more about your times you want to run.

With that said, i would focus less on buying up stuff just to make more Hp up top and focus more on using what you have to make more Tq down low and in the mid range. The bigger the turbo you go with doesnt mean the faster your times are going to be. 11.9's are pretty much the wall for most people. Then they start trying to upgrade and actually make the car slower because they make it more top end instead of focusing on tq. Also, if your going for faster times then the 11.9 you ran. Stripping your car would be more of a benifit then upgrading to a turbo with more lag IMHO. But thats just my opinion.

Its funny to me how we can walk cars with our T25/T28 turbos just because they lag so much before getting on boostalso if your looking for 400whp at 15psi then your gonna probably need a GT30, SC61, or a GT35 maybe.
2008-10-18 05:00:16
I'm looking to break into high tens. Car will have traction bars, a full roll cage. Has about 300lbs of weight reduction currently. Car could run 11.8 if I worked on my launches.

I like the sound of 400whp... it doesn't have to be exactly that lol.

What are reasonable numbers for hp/tq to get into the high tens? Probably need to be in the 130-135mph range.
2008-10-18 05:03:20
LOL your gonna need about 500-550whp to hit tens. Or a car that weighs 1500lbs with that 400whp!
2008-10-18 05:06:24
There is more weight to be removed. I think it is possible. I was running a max of 12.5 in the quarter @ 15lbs of boost on my T28, and 11.95 at 20lbs of boost. I'm thinking 20lbs of boost on a bigger turbo that spools nearly as fast could help alot.

Lets say 400whp at 15psi, and about 450whp at 20psi. What turbo will I need (I want the smallest possible that will do the job).
2008-10-18 06:10:57
Assuming you have one of the better GT2871R turbos (good for 460 HP, not just 400) then you could get there. You could always step up to a GT2876R and reach your goals easier, and no need to step up to the larger GT30 series.
2008-10-18 06:26:27
What are you going to do about traction?The 3071r is not
as laggy as you think.
2008-10-18 06:52:47
I have been told to stay away from the GT2876R, but which GT2871R is capable of 460hp?

Traction isn't my concern right now...

If the 3071R will bolt right up to a GTI-R manifold and clear the block, then I may consider it; I just don't want to wait for forever for boost when I am daily driving or attempting to autocross. At the track it isn't an issue as much. Which GT3071R, the .86 AR or the .64 AR, and I will want the one with the 3" inlet correct?
2008-10-18 07:24:15
75 wet shot of nitrous. Thats probably what i will end up doing to break 400whp but you must do it right or boom.
2008-10-18 14:37:14
The 3071 its has the same spool up as the t28 with a better transiente responce...even at 16lbs
I have own this turbos, here is some prof
both turbos at 10-10,5lbs

I would aslo ad that from my experience bigger turbo its always better for traccion ( specialy if the car its setup fro drag racing)
there are 2 comp housings for the 3071 1 t04s (4 inlet) and the t04e 2,75 inlet, be VERY carefull if you buy the 3071 t2 IT WILL have boost creep no mater what you do( if you keep the gti-r j-pipe you will not have this problem) I would buy a t3 based turbo for anything bigger than a 28rs.
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