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Thread: Emanage ultimate problem

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2008-10-08 20:57:52
Emanage ultimate problem
I installed emanage, and the car cranks but doesn't start. The car has fuel pressure, laptop see's EMU, green light is on on the EMU, BUT there is no spark in the spark plugs.

I then took the ignition wire from the ECU that was spliced into the Emanage, and put it back to stock (EMU no longer connected to the ecu ignition wire), and the car started right up. The ignition ground wire on the EMU is currently grounded at the ecu at the ecu ground.

The jumper settings that have to do with ignition on EMU are JP7 and JP8. JP7 is set to normal, and JP8 is set to 5V (ignition output). I don't get it, wtf is wrong with this thing?

Am I supposed to somehow import the settings in the software on my computer to the EMU box? Or does it automatically do it by itself? I set all the parameter settings in the emanage software, but didn't do any kind of importing/exporting.
2008-10-08 21:14:52
Did you upgrade from Blue to Ultimate?
2008-10-08 21:17:31
Originally Posted by mirrortints
Did you upgrade from Blue to Ultimate?

No, I went from SAFCII to Emanage
2008-10-09 00:44:14
My jumper settings:

JP1 - JP6 = OPEN (Injector Input/Output set to add/subtract)
JP7 = 1-2 (Ignition Input Signal set to normal)
JP8 = 1-2 (Ignition Ouput Signal set to 5V)
JP9 = OPEN (Airflow Signal input/output set to normal)
JP10 = 1-2 (left stock, not needed)
JP11 = OPEN (option 1 set for a/f sensor)
JP12 = OPEN (option 2 set for greddy map sensor)
JP13 = OPEN (Water Temp input)
JP14 = OPEN (Intake Temp input)
JP15 = 1-2 (RPM Signal Input set to normal)
JP16 = OPEN (not used, vtec stuff)
JP17 = 1-2 (not used, vtm stuff)
JP18 = OPEN (Injector input/output signal set to add/subtract)
JP19 = 1-2 (not needed - Injector signal CH-A)
JP20 = 1-2 (not needed - Injector signal CH-B)
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