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Thread: Breaking 400whp on a t28??

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2008-10-06 21:36:57
I have seen T-28 cars make over 300 whp but, that was tuned out really well.

My boy made 301 whp at 15 psi.

It will take a decent shot of spray to clear 400 whp. Keep in mind the TQ would be out of control.
2008-10-06 21:49:10
I don't need to break 400whp I just thought I would attempt and if it falls short oh well but I guess we will see what it makes when everything is done.
I want to use a t28 or gt28rs because I don't want to change my downpipe and intercooler setup and I don't feel like paying alot of money but im going to see how prices work out for other turbo's and mani's.
2008-10-06 21:51:53
Originally Posted by STRATTON
no going to happen. i made 280whp in my t28 @ 16psi say at 18psi i could have hit maybe 285 possibly 290 but my tune is terrible, super rich, when my safc is hooked up and tuned i know i can hit 300whp but that i believe is the limit.

get a bigger turbo.


did you have s4 cams? or any other mods?
2008-10-06 22:11:36
what type of tuning management are you going with? tuning will play a GREAT deal in the power you make and how extensive you are able to get with it.

i would shoot for really efficent power verses peak power, esp since you are looking to go with a gt28rs or a t28 with those 2 turbos they are really made for efficency verse peak power hence why the 28rs is so responsive, i mean even if you make 350whp MAX with a 28rs you sre talking about 350whp of responsive fast spooling power, you cant beat that
2008-10-06 22:14:12
Originally Posted by SneakyOwner
I want to use a t28 or gt28rs because I don't want to change my downpipe and intercooler setup
If a GT28 is in the picture, then you could do it, no problem. Also at least one company I know of will make a (Borg Warner?) turbo fit as a direct bolt-in.
2008-10-06 22:29:19
I won't be tunning it a friend of mine will tune the car again for the new setup (he tuned my t25 setup). I have an e-manage in the car and it works very well and I haven't hit a draw back to it yet. I have my own wideband so I can check that with the dyno and data log from the e-manage as well as the wideband.

As for the turbo goes If anyone can find me a something that will fit right up thats around $400 and still not break my bank account considering I have to put a new motor in and still need other parts I cant drop $1,400 on a gt28rs
2008-10-06 22:48:54
well if you need some s4 cams i know exactly where you can get them, hahaha
2008-10-06 22:58:43
its a shame you cant go with a t3 setup you could easily reach your goal if you got out of the t2 flange and go with a t3, easily hit 400 but the whole manifold and possibly rerouting its not your easiest bet, but it would make your goal
2008-10-07 00:29:29
Originally Posted by SneakyOwner
did you have s4 cams? or any other mods?

yeah s4 cams straight up on a jwt tune. like i said it was superr below 10:1 rich. with a good tune there is no reason the car cant hit 300whp with out going over 18psi.

2008-10-07 00:55:45
People think that with my times my car should be about 350whp on a standard T28 @ 20psi but that is simply a guess.
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