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Thread: Couple Questions Before the Build Starts...

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2007-12-21 15:24:53
Couple Questions Before the Build Starts...
Okay so after going to texas and picking up another SR, and finding out the guy ****ed me over and wont refund the money, ive got a couple motors that im going to make into one.

This is what im hoping for, i dont know what compression it will yeild me, and i dont know if the pistons will fit...so if you guys have anything you know that would be wrong or you think might be, let me know.

Avenir Block, with all avenir water and oil lines for turbo.
DET Rods.
Stock USDM Pistons
Avenir Head
JGY 1.1mm Headgasket (what bore)?

But i might just buy new pistons, and this would be the build
This is just so you guys can put your opinion out on numbers.
-JGY 1.1mm HG
-JGY Manifold
-ARP Bolts, probably crank and head.
-Walbro 255
-throw in your opinion on injectors
-Ebay front mount
-Greddy type rs
-3", high flow cat, and N1

Calum Realtime

The second is probably my main choice so that i do not have to knotch the pistons.

What do you guys think??

Power capabilities?
Use a Calum?
Put any new parts while im in the block?

Thanks guys!

2007-12-21 15:46:11
ARP Rod bolts
555cc injectors
Yes, use Calum real-time
New bearings, rod and main!
New piston rings
VE oil pump, possibly?
Make sure the crank is checked and order bearings accordingly.

Stock DE pistons will be fine! Of course, depending where you are, and the grades of the block you have, I could always sell you some DET pistons w/ pins. (I have all Grade 2 pistons), but again, stock DE pistons (as long as they aren't RR pistons ) will be just fine.
2007-12-21 20:26:34
well thats the thing is its been going slow, i was going to go through jgy to get regular det pistons becuase i fried my old ring lands, becuase ive been short on cash...but im starting a new job soon and i want to make it as well built as possible while im in there.

ive though about a ve oil pump but sourcing one sucks...

555cc injectors, which kind are those? so far all ive found are 740cc and there nismo's.
2007-12-21 20:43:40
555cc are the subaru STI injectors if i'm not mistaken.

Even if you don't use a VE oil pump, change the oil pump and water pump while you're at it, even if it's with oem replacement.

what do you want for the DET slugs?
2007-12-25 22:36:33
gspec.com has the ve oil pump, or can get those ASAP. $110 shipped for the 4 pistons + pins, obo. I haven't bought any in awhile, so if they are going for cheaper than that, LMK.

These are all grade 2 pistons.
2007-12-26 05:18:45
Not sure why no one else mentioned this yet, but please do yourself a favor and avoid JGY. You're likely to run into issues getting parts from them. Especially if you're going to get JGY specific parts, such as their manifold, etc.
2007-12-26 17:02:02
^ this is true, but i feel its a shame becuase i have their, jgy flywheel,jgy fuel rail, and its nice stuff.... but bad service...
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