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Thread: Big Hp guys what type of cams are you running?

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2008-10-01 14:55:34
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
dont you mean +2 on the exhaust, usually you want to remove overlap by either retarding the intake cam or advancing the exhaust cam or both with big cams.

i know most people with the s5's all motor usually do similar cam timing as the ve guys, by creating more overlap. Just checking

^ashton - say you have a se-r making 300WHP on either a lowport or highport using the stock intake manifold. If you change to a o2 intake manifold and that being the only change, what do you think the HP gain would be? I have JDM highport I am going to use for boost, but I have been curious about the o2 intake manifold as of late.
2008-10-01 15:25:54
that is definetly in my late future plans, probably one of the last things im gonna do, but it really depends on the size turbo your using, bigger turbos see bigger gains usually. But i would say at the same boost you should see probably a 20-30whp gain pretty easily without really changing things up, I would say that matched with a bigger TB would be ideal. Im thinking of later doint an o2 mani with an N1 TB, That would be a nice setup.
2008-10-01 16:42:38
I'm running the BC STG 3's straight up, for now. I keep hearing everyone using cam gears on them to further reduce the overlap. I don't personally see any issues with the 30r at 15lbs of boost, right now. I may throw the JWT cam gears back on and retard the intake cam, and leave the exhaust cam straight up. Going to need a dyno to get accurate numbers, though.
2008-10-01 16:56:39
i would say leave them the way they are tekkie, unless you can dyno prove that there is power to be had by taking away overlap.

You have a big enough turbo that it probably has no real negative affect with the added overlap, thats usually on smaller turbos with the boost upped quite high that create alot of backpressure. Your turbo creates very very little backpressure in that case you really wouldnt have to worry about it. But hey if you want to dyno test them to see if there are gains be my guest, haha all the better
2008-10-01 16:59:51
Well if I'm still in town, I plan on getting the car dyno tuned in the next week or so. Right now, at part throttle daily driving, and out of boost, my AFR's are in the very low 11's and high 10's. /offtopic
2008-10-01 17:05:01
yeah could definetly use some touching up, i would work on that first, neways cant wait to see some numbers from your build, youve come a long ways, keep it up
2008-10-02 14:37:17
You are right ashtonsser I was thinking in N/A form...
0 and 0 first then to the dyno with c2
2008-10-02 15:42:54
yeah even with the C2's you should be fine at 0 0 if your turbo is big enough, if it causes problems go from there, thats what tuning is all about.
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