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Thread: a good turbo ve street cam for 7500-8500rpm

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2008-09-29 00:31:07
This is what I'm doing, I am keeping stock 2.0 VVL cams, then bought a cheapo RWD SSAC Manifold like this one:

Then the guys at the shop started playing with it a little, since obviosly, fitment on a FWD SR sucks, this is what they came up with:

Last step is reinforcing it and working on the inside of the manifold to help flow. They took the design from their JUN race DET:

I got some JWT adjustable sprockets either way, if it doesn't work I will start playing with the cam timing a little, but I would not like to mess with it so I will start with stock cam timing and see what it does.

Let me know what you guys think.
2008-09-29 01:16:20
It's going to crack from the heat+weight and vibration. Just make it out of sch 10.
2008-09-29 03:49:05
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
It's going to crack from the heat+weight and vibration. Just make it out of sch 10.

Nah trust me we are working on that, the manifold is not going to support the weight of the turbo at all.
2008-09-29 07:42:03
I understand your going to brace the turbo else where. The problem with that is the manifold is going to be moving when it heats up and cools down. That's why u see protech , lovefab, fullrace ect use such thick piping when they make there manifolds.
2008-09-29 16:16:15
I hope not, my boy has been using the same cheap manifold but unmodified on his S13 for like 2 years without bracing the turbo anywhere, I think is worth a try for $150 total cost including the modification lol.

Back to the cams topic, you guys think it will still be necessary to mess with the cam timing on stock 2.0 cams even with a tubular manifold like the one above. I need your opinions as I'm learning as I build this engine.
2008-09-30 11:16:05
ill post pics of my manifold at the end of the week, it will be made from 42mm steam pipe, i will be playing with the cam timing to see what works best on the 20ve cams, but really would like to make customs also

bluerb240, what was done to the de head? how much less did he get going ve?
2008-09-30 14:22:43
He was down 20hp, He had the 02 induction manifold on his DE.
2008-09-30 15:19:02
Originally Posted by SE-Rican

2.0 cams seem to work great. That's what I will be using. I am curious to see what a good designed turbo cam woudl do for the VE.

My cousin back home has a high whp Honda and he saw better gains with stock cams then he did with aftermarket cams. I wonder if the VE is the same.

^Interesting. Is it a civic? I read something about this on either honda-tech, or a civic forum once. Still learing all the VE cam stuff. What's up with the N1's? Are they more for all motor builds?

Originally Posted by 97se-rblown
Sr20VE and 20V cams are the best turbo cams.

^How you know?
2008-09-30 16:30:16
Ok, I will be the first to admit that I have no clue really what I am talking about when it comes to cams or even the VE really. But...

If you are looking for a real good cam why dont know go drop sickeningly high price of about $1k I would guess and get a pair of custom cams made be a reptable company that has the profile of a sweet a$$ high RPM turbo race cam on the high lift, and something much more mild and normal on the low?

Yea, I know I might have just said something that makes zero sense, and I know the suggestion will cost about as much as a nice turbo, but wouldn't it be worth it?

Just my very useless .02 cents in the convo.
2008-09-30 20:33:19
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
He was down 20hp, He had the 02 induction manifold on his DE.

ok cool

what cams if any was he running on the de?
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