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Thread: Nitrouuuus

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2015-04-01 17:57:40
I read more than I write. Anyways I have a fully built forged gtir block I need to do something with. Compresion will be somewhere in the 9s. I have a ve head thats ready to go on I just put with the ~120 pound springs in it and im cleaning up all the carbon and doing a slight polish. I have a few questions I need cleared up.

Been looking at progressive controllers but not sure if I need one. Id like to ramp the shot by rpms. Im talking a serious ramp. I want good launch power without blowing the tires off and a decent ramp that could possibly end in the 200s at high rpms. Another thing im wondering about is jet size. From some of the information I read Im thinking my jet size will obviously need to be sized for my maximum shot. So anything ramping up to that shot would just be pulsing? And if I do e85 I would need an even bigger jet than my maximum shot?

Its a little confusing
2015-04-01 18:02:16
Why isnt there a crazy regulator and jets that are more like injectors. This would be easy.
2015-04-04 22:11:21
look at a MS3-pro or MS3X.. full stand alone that will do multi stage and fully progressive and it adds fuel through the injectors so you can put a 200 shot try and ramp it up
It can also do a full traction control as well
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2015-04-07 03:08:13
Little off topic but aren't u gonna need to drill out the head bolt holes on the ve to bolt up to the gtir?
2015-04-07 14:19:03
Yeah its all done right ready to go on.
2015-04-15 14:22:23
If your set on running big nitrous a stand alone engine management system is a must like mentioned above. Most progressive nitrous controllers are time based not rpm based. For your needs you should look into running two stages with progressive control. You can run pump gas and what ever injector fits your needs with a stand alone fuel cell feeding e85/fuel to the nitrous system. This is very common in big n2o v8 cars. Good luck.
2015-04-15 17:23:34
Look into this

2015-04-15 17:28:09
Has lots of nice features. One of our nos cars will hopefully soon be running it with a direct port kit
2015-04-15 17:37:20
Thanks for the awesome replies guys! Good info I appreciate it.
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