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Thread: New to sr20de and nitrous

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2014-12-05 03:05:43
New to sr20de and nitrous
Hey guys I recently got my first sr20de and was wondering what it's going to take to run nitrous. How well do stock ones take it? my old car took 100 shot fully stock. no problem haha just wondering a ball park idea and cost to run even a small shot in these car. Any positive feedback is appreciated
2014-12-05 03:27:32
Damn man, second post and no responses. There are A LOT of resources in the nitrous section. http://www.sr20-forum.com/nitrous-oxide/71701-how-well-do-n-motors-take-nitrous.html Search feature is your best method of research. Just dont repeat this guys mistakes.
2014-12-05 13:38:59
75 wet shot, no sweat.
2014-12-05 13:55:32
The sr20de/ve/det you name it can handle nitrous easy. The issue is your ? Is vague. Give us more info, budget, hp goal, car use.

I ran 125hp wet shot on a 180k junk yard sr20de motor a few times and it held. I even hit that same motor with 50hp shot plus 10psi of boost and it held for a few months.

50-75hp wet shot nitrous kit will be fine on the stock motor with stock timing of 15 degrees. 500-600$ new

100-150hp shot direct port with progressive control, stock motor is fine but you will need added fuel support, clutch, engine management and other supporting mods. 1500+$ depending on the system
2014-12-05 14:31:36
Sorry i should have been more specific. I'm not looking for Alot of extra power. It's going to be a daily car just want that little extra bump when I want it I'm looking to spend as little as possible but still be safe with it.
2014-12-06 01:07:21
You may want to look into a turbo then. A Gtir t28 would be good for 280+-. There are many street-able options. What are you HP goals?
2014-12-06 03:16:56
Hp goal is low only 200ish hp. The car already has fx500 clutch short throw shifter headers and 3in exhaust. So when I go to the track I'm looking for a 13.7 quarter mile. That's my goal honestly. Don't want anything crazy haha not looking to get in trouble on the street
2014-12-06 03:46:21
Ah hell, just put a ve in it. Easy 200 with bolt on's and cams. Its like honda vtech, but not.
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2014-12-06 03:47:09
I wouldn't mind having a ve lol just gotta find one
2014-12-06 03:49:21
Where are you located?
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