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Thread: Sr20ve Nemu nitrous ideas

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2014-03-04 12:01:01
Originally Posted by JKTUNING
Originally Posted by se200
^ Ok thanks for the input.

I stalled the N2O kit but have not had a chance to run it. A few issue are popping up with the nitrous function in the Nemu. As soon as the nirtous is active the fans come on as if the AC was on. Lol The AC function in Nemu over rides the nitrous function but even with it off the fans come on.

What output are you trying to use to turn the nitrous on?

If setup properly, it shouldn't be over-ride anything.

Sorry, I just now saw this post .. so if you have any questions or need assistance just let me know!

Thanks, I have not had a chance to mess with it again or I would have contacted you directly. I'm using the AC comp out from the ecu to activate the n2o. With the normal AC functions deactivated. I'm testing the circuit by having it activate on tps only(for now). The issue is when the AC circuit is on the fans switch on. The fans on signal is coming directly from the ecu. The other issue is the AC out wire is seeing .5v when active 0v when inactive. I was under the impression the AC out was a ground switching circuit. Thanks again for the reply I'll put more time into it and post results when possible.
2017-03-10 20:52:34
Updates on this I'm on nemu and want put it to use.
2017-03-11 01:22:04
If I remember correctly I believe gio had used that ECU with nitrous, don't quote me on it tho.
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