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Thread: High comp + nitrous...

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2012-01-29 18:57:43
High comp + nitrous...
Has anyone tried out high compression with nitrous? I am talking ~13:1 CR.

We have had a lot of grudge racing going on and I am looking to bring my car out to settle up business. We were thinking some race fuel tuned with some juice.

The motor consists of SR16 pistons, 20VE crank/rods, VET gasket, and basic supporting mods like 4-1 header, 3'' intake/stack, kelfords, etc.

Just figured I see if anyone stepped up to see how this combo works out with a 50-75 wet shot.
2012-01-29 19:04:43
I think it will work great! Just going to have to spend some time tuining. Also when your spraying, don't run my old header, that small choke is really going to hold it back with the juice.

Everyone seems to have great success with spraying on 12some compression so I think if you spend some time tuning the timing map easing the cyl pressure you'll be good to go.
2012-01-29 19:07:41
13:1 is where i draw the line to stay completely N/A.

The head should be fine since you have kelfords and mods to support that. The bottom end though....eh. What size shot are you talking? What rpm? pre or post vvl?
2012-01-29 19:08:16
That header is the only option for right now. Working on getting a new design built in the coming weeks.

I figure it would make for a mean setup with the right amount of torque to smack up some K cars. Jamie of course would be in charge of the figures for a relatively conservative timing map. Waiting on the pistons for the 2.3 to come in and assembly can begin. I am just tired of the drama and I would be willing to put my motor to the test and see how it likes the juice.
2012-01-29 19:10:06
I still have my progressive controller so i can adust the shot to work however we would like. We can ramp it from a 30 down low to a 75 by 8500-9K.

I would like a solid 50 shot to get the car out the hole and for the added torque. It has been a very healthy N/A motor and never has seen the smack. Compression is solid across the board and never smoked. I just would do the race fuel to play it safe.
2012-01-29 19:16:51
Use my other big 4-1.

On smack it will be perect
2012-01-29 19:22:48
Whatever it takes for a win. Time to wake the beast.
2012-01-29 21:00:33
who cares if it pops you got another car and a motor waitng to go in get your ass out there and smack some people up
2012-01-29 21:02:25
Thats the plan. I am hearing a lot of shit talking and phone was going crazy. I gotta get out there. Finally got the cat-back off, gotta take off all the shields and useless shit underneath. Bolted a seat in. I'm gunna start it up today to piss off the neighbors.
2012-01-29 21:11:17
hahha there you go

shits prob stupid light
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