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Thread: High comp + nitrous...

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2014-01-04 02:45:44
Originally Posted by morgans432
go stock ve with nitrous all you will need on the street

you mentioned being cheap and 92mm in the same sentence its not for you

I agree stock nissan de or ve can easily take 120 shot. I honestly wouldn't waste my time with the bottom end. Sure it fun on the motor, but you can just buy jets and make it that much easier.
2014-08-14 18:30:18
yes it has been tried before with great results
2014-08-16 22:10:20
High compression loves juice. Just read the plugs after pulls. Plenty of street bikes running smack...
2014-08-17 17:17:26
Damn this is old lol
2015-03-10 17:30:32
I've been doing a little more research on this, as I'm in the process on my 88mm build.

You don't see many people running more than a 150 shot. I am gathering information on running a 200 shot with a progressive controller. But I dint see a lot of information from any smaller import motor.

Any suggestions you guys have or experience running a big nitrous shot. I will go direct port etc. For this but just looking for experience with 150-200 shot.
2015-03-10 17:34:13
Forgot engine specs.

88mmx12.5:1 cp pistons
Manley h beams
full supertech head ported and polished
xcessive intake
pat klutch big nitrous header ( forget specs I'll have to search for them)
2015-03-10 18:18:51
im just curious to know what type of power you think that build will make? and are you still on stock sleeves?
2015-03-12 17:26:14
I'm hoping with some good tuning I'll see between 230-250hp. I'm going to be on stock sleeves for now. If I sleeve I'll go 92mm.

The spray is something for the future as this car is a dd/ hpde/ street toy. Its just one of those let's see what it can do semi safely. Also if I'm on the street and some snob in a Porsche or vette wants to play I can show them what's up.
2017-03-09 21:00:43
Okay didn't want start a new thread but VE 12.5:1 compression will I be able run a wet 75 or 100shot without a retune or will I have to retune
2017-03-11 14:27:41
definitely retune
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