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Thread: where to mount zex box on b13?

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2011-10-22 20:48:55
where to mount zex box on b13?
Like the title says, where are youguys mounting your zex control boxes. Running my lines now and I don't see much room on the firewall.
2011-10-22 23:06:47
I installed one on Tearoffguys car and it fits nicely on the inside of the drivers strut tower,sorta in front of the master cyl...facing the engine.
Maybe you can PM him for a pic.I kn ow he has pics of it.

Guess you got your VE problems fixed???
2011-10-22 23:13:57
Ill post a pic of where I'm putting mine in my b14..idk if it helps at all..haha
2011-10-23 00:18:44
fits nicely on the driver side fender

2011-10-23 00:33:54
^that's where I'm going to put mine..mine will be tucked more under though cuz it will be closer to the front of the car..and my box is a bit smaller..
2011-10-23 00:42:16

Haha..oops.I installed it,and forgot where it was...LOL
I thought it was on the strut,Larry.Thanks for setting me straight.hehe
2011-12-04 02:44:19
Ohhhhh! man ive been wanting to post something like this for a while now but never been able to get around to it. my boy was asking me the same thing the other day and i decided to help him out (been best friends for years now, least i can do) so i stumbled upon this, thanks guys. you really helped a friend out.
2011-12-04 03:21:47
Yeah thanks for the response. She really responds well to that spray. The n1 do there thing as well. I ended up mounting it in a similar position just under where the intake cone sits.
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