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Thread: nitrous bottle nut stripped

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2011-07-26 17:37:23
Yeah the nxexpress ones are a full piece. Sex lets you just replace The one piece which is cheaper.
2011-07-26 17:42:52
No NX uses two pieces like Zex. The NOS ones are one piece though.
2011-07-26 23:37:30
The NX ones I saw were all one piece. I checked on jegs for them. A local Speedshop had it in stock! NS6502 is the part number for zex if anyones looking at this and has the same prob
2011-07-27 01:15:07
Good stuff. You spraying the Z06?
2011-07-27 06:40:42
Originally Posted by Vex630
Good stuff. You spraying the Z06?
Yeah just a lil 50 shot though. Nothing crazy at all. I have had the kit installed for a while now. But the bottle nut and line stripped out so I never really messed with it and just left it installed. May up it to a 100shot after a lil. But I Really REALLLLLY dont want to fix anything else on this vette!
2011-07-27 13:18:51
A Z06 with a 50 shot? Blasphemy!

200 shot or bust!
2011-07-27 14:20:25
Yeah I don't even think you'd notice a 50 shot on that car.
2011-07-27 21:32:10
Rican this is my daily driver right now! None of that 200shot biz over here

Originally Posted by AaroNX
Yeah I don't even think you'd notice a 50 shot on that car.
Its funny you say that. I sprayed the Car two times before just to make sure it worked and you could barely notice it the first time. Second time it was DEFINATELY noticeable! Bottle had to warm up. But your right. To a person whos never been in the car it would pretty much feel the same if not slower because of even more wheelspin in first and second. To me this car is slow as shit though. To the point where I got so used to it I dont even floor it anymore cause its boring.

Im spraying just a 50shot cause I can use it strait off the line and I wont have to lower my timing or anything for it. So I can have my N/A power and my nitrous with no compromise. 100shots are cool. But thats getting into boost/cams/head work $$$ territory where If Im gonna be spending $60 per bottle I might as well just start buying the parts im gonna need to boost/cam/head it. The only components I have for this kit is whats laying around. Just a bottle warmer, a zex wet kit, and a window switch whenever I pick one up. I figured its just sitting on the car so I might as well use it every once in a blue moon.

The Z06's powerband is strait and tq is always there. But mess around and be below 3k in any gear and try to accelerate quickly and your going no where fast. The long tubes and everything else dont help bottom end tq either. With the Z06 cam, heads and intake manny the car is kinda comparable to an S2000 power band wise except it gets past the slow part of the powerband WAY quicker.
2011-07-28 21:20:20
Ok... Then. 150 shot or bust!!
2011-08-01 01:31:18
I agree with at least a hundred shot, those engines love juice!
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