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Thread: need a second opinion

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2011-01-06 22:00:45
need a second opinion
i Have a sr20ve with n1s about to go ported ssac with modded secondaries have 3" intake and exhaust i have 80 shot single fogger.
now wanted 120 shot but i'm not trusting the single fogger for that duty.

my question is will the stock bottom end take 120 shot direct port comfortably?
i have all the matching bits walbro255, adjustable FPR, ngk bkr7s, y'all thoughts, i just wanna hit 300whp and thought this should do the job
2011-01-06 23:59:33
You really need to get comfortable with smaller shots and work your way up from there. I think it would take it if done right, but that's the key.

I've been using a 100 shot direct port kit for the past couple years and recently went up to 150. It blew out my header gaskets and messed up 3rd gear instantly lol.
2011-01-07 00:41:00
^^ luckily i have the vet metal exhaust gasket. i do fear stripping third gear as i have the sr16ve manual tranny and its really difficult to replace here(jamaica) . i'm used to the 80 shot. what i fear is going 100 shot single fogger and leaning out on one of the cylinders
2011-01-07 00:46:41
i really wanna make @ least 280whp
2011-01-07 16:29:54
We ran a direct port on my VE. I sprayed the piss out of my old motor. Took it like a champ. I would make sure get a wideband to monitor whats going on though. I would do a 100 shot direct port. The motor will love it. Just make sure have it tuned to keep things safe but make some good power. I forget what my motor made to be exact on the smack but I know it was up there with the big bore motors. Torque was just nasty spraying.
2011-01-07 22:58:06
spray that bitch
ask gio he's done 100 shot single fogger setup in his boys car.......just better have bigger pump,some r/t ecu to tune,and a wideband on top of everything else you would normally need.....
2011-01-07 22:59:17
here you go http://www.sr20-forum.com/vvl/38185-dynoed-yesterday.html
2011-01-07 23:35:47
@qwkse-r, I already have a walbro 255lpm and ngk bkr7s, with 80wet shot, i dont wanna go further with a single fogger and risk leaning out on one or two cylinders, at the same time i'm willing to go direct port but not just for an extra 20shot i would want 120shot at least
2011-01-08 00:18:53
thats cool man just trying to help
2011-01-08 04:51:03
^^^its kool i appreciate it much
have you gone back to the track with your current setup, if so what are your mph traps like
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