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Thread: Race Fuel...

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2010-05-01 05:40:03
Race Fuel...
So a local guy that we know offered me 5 gallons of 112 race fuel he uses in his quads for 40 bucks. Do any of you guys run race fuel at the track when spraying big shots? I am hittin the track Sunday and planning on either a 100 or above shot. Would it be a good idea to run this fuel just to be on the safe side? The car is progressive controlled and feels amazing now on a 75 shot. i want to bump it up for the track. Any input is appreciated.
2010-05-01 12:00:55
5 gallons for 40 doesnt seem that bad i would buy it either way rather you do or dont run it at the track just becuase the price is pretty decent
2010-05-01 12:59:14
Yeah it's good idea as long as you trust the guy. When it comes to gas, you really have to be sure of what you're getting. I just run 93 in mine, but it would be good for you to use that at first just to be sure. If nothing else just mix it in with your normal gas.
2010-05-01 13:18:37
Yeah I know the dude pretty well and he's always tried to lend a hand. I figure I could drive down and get it close to empty and do a mix of 112 and 93 to keep things kosher. Dropped off my bottle to get filled yesterday so hopefully I can get it back today and make sure everything is 100%.

I'm just curious bro, have you tried running open header versus the full exhaust? Not sure which would benifit. I mean I do have a 3'' straight back with nothing in between lol.
2010-05-01 14:10:48
I've never tried open header before. Not willing to with the exhaust temps involved with nitrous.
2010-05-03 02:01:49
man i havnt bought race gas in a while, but it used to be like $5 a gallon for 110 at sunnoco
2010-05-04 04:51:43
Yeah race fuel is expensive around my area and thats if you can manage to find it. I wonder if it would of helped prevent me from melting my plugs at the track.
2010-05-04 10:06:59
the race fuel is going to bring down the detonation in the car if you have any and i would def recommend you run race gas also its going to richen up your mix a little witch sounds like it could help
2010-05-04 12:11:10
Yeah if you melted the plugs you more than likely need more fuel.
2010-05-04 12:56:25
Originally Posted by matt_pound
man i havnt bought race gas in a while, but it used to be like $5 a gallon for 110 at sunnoco

there used to be a place here in cincinnati that had something like super blue at 5 a gallon not sure if they still carry it
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