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Thread: MSD Digital 6 install

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2010-04-29 15:38:20
MSD Digital 6 install
MSD Instal Help!!
I got a question about the MSD digital 6

Can I installed without a blaster coil or do I need one.

reason I ask is I always see them installed with a blaster coil

but the instrauctions says it's optional.
2010-05-28 20:43:24
Does anybody knows how to cancel the condenser on a B15 style Distributor

I know the B14 style distributor you cut the external wire bujt the B15 distributor

condenser it's internal.

Anybody ????
2010-05-28 22:47:50


i guess these won't apply
2010-05-30 15:08:46
Be careful I tried wiring an MSD digital 6 to my VE with a B 15 distributor. I had nothing but issues and I followed the jim wolf diagram as well as contacted MSD several times. I even had both tach adaptors. I tried off and on for months to get it to work and I had no luck. I thought I some how fried the ECU the way it was spitting and sputtoring. In the end I took it off and through a new un modified B 15 distributor on and everything was dandy. I am not saying it wont work but I feel that the B 14 vs B15 are set up differently internally! Ether way good luck!
2010-05-31 02:36:42
^^ Yes I did figure that one out the hard way as well the B15 distributor condenser is internally making it near impssible to work with a external ignition.

I will roll back to the B14 distributor eventually.
2010-06-03 04:39:32
Thats odd. I wired my B15 distributor with the MSD digital 6 just fine. No issues whatsoever and this is on my VE motor.
2010-06-03 12:41:37
Well I messed up the digital 6 already, I wired everything by the instruction book, I soldered the wire out of the distributor and everything, the car was not getting spark at all. The one thing I could not do was cancel the condenser, according to the JWT website on the B14 Distributor, by cutting the external wire, well the VE/B15 distributor does not have that external wire, apparently from a SR20VE squematic the condenser it's internal.
2010-06-03 19:30:27
Weird I thought they were the same I guess I'm wrong. I wonder what distributor I have then.

Here are some pics.

B15 on right and B14 on left side.

Both opened up and condensers behind where u plug up the harness

Then I just unplugged the condenser.

Am I wrong on what distributor I have? If not then whichever one I do have its basically the b14 except the mounting part is on the right side so the plugs don't get in the way of the VVL solenoids.
2010-06-04 03:00:54
Ohh. That that explains it all, you do have a B15 distributor,
I have a SR20VE distributor I was thinking they were the same except the Harness plug...Wrong, I was wrong then,. The SR20VE distributor which is what I am currently using does not have the condenser outside but internal. I have the squematic and it clearly show it being inside the component. Thats why I could not get the 6 to work.
Anyways I started to mess with the 6 wires around and burned the thing.
I sent it to MSD to see if they fix up, but they sent it back saying that it was economically unrepairable, it sucks but I know it was my fault. Thanks for your time to help thou, if I get me another one I will roll back to the B14 distributor.
2010-06-04 06:47:30
Sorry to hear about your issue with it getting fried.

Just use the B15 distributor so that the harness plugs won't get in the way of the solenoids for the vvl. Its less of a headache.
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