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Thread: Chances of nitrous going boom?!

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2010-03-10 18:01:41
Chances of nitrous going boom?!
Hey I have a wet nitrous kit right now and I was thinking of putting it on my DD and running like a 60 shot. I have an intake and a de-catted exhaust, as well as step colder spark plugs. Should I replace the fuel pump to be safe? Also do you think the nitrous would cause the ring lands or anything to go?
2010-03-10 18:42:45
I think I would upgrade the fuel pump. A wet shot sounds safe. I believe most people put the timing at 10 degrees too.

I've heard these motors can handle a lot of nitrous. I guess it helps when they're kinda built for boost. I bet there's an faq some where....
2010-03-11 00:48:44
You'll be fine. Step colder plugs, retard the timing and squeeze.
2010-03-11 01:23:44
and definatly upgrade the fuel pump...
2010-03-13 19:08:57
You def DONT need to upgrade the fuel pump for that little shot. I ran a 50shot on my stock fuel pump, and also a t25 at 18+lbs AND my bigger turbo at 14.5lbs. You also can spray off the line with a 50-60shot which is great. You cant do that with a 75+shot or youll wind up bending something.
2010-03-13 23:21:13
I sprayed with my 75 off the line but I was on slicks launching around 6500-7000.
2010-03-14 18:25:16
Originally Posted by nismo94tuner
I sprayed with my 75 off the line but I was on slicks launching around 6500-7000.

Me to, but w/o the slicks.. loved every minute!
2010-03-14 19:16:41
Thanks guys I've got the colder plugs and I know about the timing and what not I've sprayed other cars before. My friend is just scaring me with the fuel pump saying I'll run out of fuel. I may just do it too be safe, this is my daily driver I dont want it to be sitting in the garage waiting for a new motor like my turbo car
2010-03-15 01:02:33
Ask him how its gonna run out of fuel? I dont understand...the stock pump is better then a Walbro below 300whp. It wont burn out and leave you stranded if your low on gas. It also flows well into the needs of the car. Id be willing to bet that our stock fuel pump is the same as the ones used in the GTi-R, Bluebird, ect. 43.5 psi plus 20psi is 64psi! If the stock pump can flow that for OVER a year and a half (The pump had 175k on it before being boosted lol) then they are good!

2010-03-16 17:06:42
I woudn't say that...my stock pump left me running out of fuel at only about 12psi of boost and just below 200whp on the dyno with my turbo car. Soooo I guess it really really depends on the pump. I meant running out of fuel by injectors pushing fuel and then there not being enough extra fuel to spray through with the wet shot making it spray just nitrous. <- Basically that's what I'm trying to have not happen but I guess it should be fine on a 50 shot.
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