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Thread: Nitrous not as expected. Input needed!

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2009-10-24 02:18:09
i will do a payment plan if you are serious
2009-10-24 02:20:45
I may actually consider it bro. Hit me up with a PM on what your lookin for it and maybe we can work something out. I'm trying to pick up some side jobs that could help pay for this. Damn you! lol
2009-10-24 02:26:00
Keep the DE tranny.

Try to stop spraying on the BKR6E plugs. Sure a 50 shot is not a big shot but you are safer going with the colder BKR7Es.
2009-10-24 02:36:06
Yeah I tried to take it easy on the bottle. I only did a few pulls. I wanna make sure everything seems kosher. I love my VE and can't afford another right in the middle of a college semester, haha
2009-10-25 13:13:08
the de tranny will suit you best with a sprayed ve.

glad to see your liking the set up bes.

2009-10-25 14:12:17

Nitrous can be lots of fun but, just make sure you are doing things right. When I was on spray back in the days my SE-R was a blast and it moved out hard. 245 whp at 290 ft tq was an animal in it's day.

Nowadays you have a ton of options to build a nice nitrous car. Buy yourself a nice MSD RPM activator and a digtal 6 and set that car up right. The Nitrous can kick in at a set RPM and the digital 6 will retard the timing however you want to set it up. All that in the flip of a switch. You can set the car to run nice NA and with the flip of a switch make it run even better.

I messed around a lot with nitrous back in the days. I have said it once and I will say it again if I ever built a car to run the streets it would be a nitrous car. Bro did I hurt some feelings back in the days.

If you do things right you will love it. BTW a VE can take a 100 shot with no issues at all if tuned right. Imagine a 300 whp car with about 325+ ft tq. Talk about a ride!!
2009-10-25 16:15:14
I could only imagine! Just getting into this side of the game, I know I am here for a while. Boost was fun as hell but this is totally different. I do like the idea of the MSD you are talking about though. I'll have to look into it big time. Running with B series cars is fun as hell because they never know what hit them! Lol. Thanks for your input bro!
2009-10-26 15:39:38
Originally Posted by Vex630
Well then my previous statement still stands.

50 shot is fun when everything is perfect. My DE is spanking mildly modified VEs on a dry 50 shot. I cant wait to finish my direct port setup and swap it over to a VE

Here are my suggestions.

50 wet shot run stock timing
BKR7E plugs (A must, I dont care how low of a shot you run)
Do you have a bottle heater?
Bottle pressure gauge?

If you dont have these 2 then get them. Low bottle pressure kills the OOMPH that nitrous gives and the bottle heater keeps your bottle warm and the pressure up. You want your bottle pressure to be 1000-1200 PSI

Most of all DONT over rev a WET kit. The RPM limiter is your worst enemy!

For a failsafe setup get an RPM window switch and set the nitrous to shut off 100RPM before fuel cut.

Go out and enjoy nitrous!

Ding ding ding..... listen to this man.... very good advise..
2009-10-26 20:10:38
You need a heater in New York. The bottle pressure can change as much as 500 psi if the temperature inside your trunk is 30-40 degrees. At those temps, the nos will be so weak you might not feel it. Heat it up to 900-1000psi and wheel spin city!!!

I added a 100 shot to my B13 years ago. Couldn't stop smiling when she turned on. Went turbo as the bottle was always empty!! I've been told that NOS is over $4.00 a pound these day! Fun ain't cheap that's for sure!!

Rock on dude!!
2009-11-05 23:19:10
bes are you gonna go to the nj paramus nissan meet ?

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