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Thread: Nitrous not as expected. Input needed!

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2009-10-23 02:50:45
Nitrous not as expected. Input needed!
So I just wrapped up my nitrous kit today. Everything went smooth and took my time with it all. Got the bottle filled as well. I am using a NOS Sniper wet nitrous kit. I am using a 030 nitrous jet and a 022 fuel jet. Now I wanted to be easy and I read on a site that that is a 50 shot. Can anyone confirm? I mean, the car does feel a little faster but not as I expected. I also have the bottle mounted with the valve towards the front of the car facing down and the label facing up. As you guys can see I am a nitrous noob so any input is appreciated. I am thinking of using the bigger jets I have and see if they make a difference. I did find it is spraying because I forgot the key on the on position and when I went to check if the arm was reaching the WOT switch it sprayed and scared the sh*t out of me.

I'd appreciate any help from you nitrous gurus!
2009-10-23 02:53:40
go to JMR and let jamie do his magic
2009-10-23 02:55:19
Lol yeah I was talking to him today. I gotta look over the setup today. I forgot the mention I retarded my timing by 2-3* just to be on the safe side. Running BKR6E spark plugs. I have a walbro 255 fuel pump using a stock VE fuel regulator. Maybe i'll try some runs on the nitrous and pull the plugs after a WOT run and see how they look. The car did not hiccup or anything. Just kinda felt like my regular VE lol.
2009-10-23 03:30:23
Run BKR7E and stock timing on a 50 shot. What was your bottle pressure at? Your bottle was probably cold. You say it felt like your old VE so I take it you are using a DE now.

What mods are done to your DE?
2009-10-23 03:42:04
its a ve
2009-10-23 03:48:41
^Its a ve. That is a good point tho. I'm not a nitrous expert, but from what I read about it, a bottle heater is an important accesory. It has something to do with keeping the bottle at the right pressure and without it, the nitrous won't be consistent. I have a few honda friends on spray and I have heard similar things. Just my .02. O, and you are runnin 12s if there is any way we can get back to the track before winter!
2009-10-23 03:52:16
Originally Posted by morgans432
its a ve

Well then my previous statement still stands.

50 shot is fun when everything is perfect. My DE is spanking mildly modified VEs on a dry 50 shot. I cant wait to finish my direct port setup and swap it over to a VE

Here are my suggestions.

50 wet shot run stock timing
BKR7E plugs (A must, I dont care how low of a shot you run)
Do you have a bottle heater?
Bottle pressure gauge?

If you dont have these 2 then get them. Low bottle pressure kills the OOMPH that nitrous gives and the bottle heater keeps your bottle warm and the pressure up. You want your bottle pressure to be 1000-1200 PSI

Most of all DONT over rev a WET kit. The RPM limiter is your worst enemy!

For a failsafe setup get an RPM window switch and set the nitrous to shut off 100RPM before fuel cut.

Go out and enjoy nitrous!
2009-10-23 14:54:25
I'll be running to the store today to pick up some plugs. I'll keep the gap at .044 and make sure it seems kosher. Thats my biggest worry is to overrev. I have no rev limiter on this thing and the car has seen 10,000rpm's lol.

I would buy a pressure gauge but the bottle is actually a temporary until I get the bottle that I bought with the kit. Its a Nitrous Xpress bottle. I doubt that should have played a factor. Bottle blanket I will have to look into. I just need that extra bit. I wanna see trap speeds of 100-115!
2009-10-23 15:21:33
^You running aftermarket s/r's?
2009-10-23 15:25:21
No sir. Lol. My buddy has been revving his stock motor with N1's out to 9-9.5K all day everyday and it has taken it like a champ.

Gotta rev the damn thing out to keep it in VVL the next gear.
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