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Thread: Direct Port Dry 100 Shot

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2009-10-15 20:24:11
Direct Port Dry 100 Shot
I was just curious if anyone here has done a set up like this before. If so post your setup, pictures, comments, advise.

I'm actually going to start fabricating my setup soon using a 05122NOS style kit that I pieced together. It is getting plumbed into a custom intake manifold similar to this except its going to have velocity stacks built in.

(sorry for the small pic photobucket will not let me make it bigger)
Each nozzle is going to be installed over each velocity stack similar to secondary fuel injectors on N/A motors. I think im just going use hard lines and a bracket. I realize this isnt the best nor the easiest way but its how i want my setup to be. I will have pictures up soon after I get the velocity stacks in the mail and if my school work stays steady.
2009-10-15 21:13:35
Now have you ran a 100 shot on a Ka engine before with sucess or is this your first time spraying.....just curious?
2009-10-15 21:39:56
No, but I have sprayed 50 shot on a civic b16 before, sucessfully. So I am a little familiar with nitrous, how its works,and the different ways to spray, but by no means am I an "expert." I am familiar with cars, motors, builds and stuff like that again not an "expert" but im not scared to make mistakes or just to try things in general. The motor is stock rebuilt with the exception of aries pistons, eagle rods, arp rod bolts, arp head studs, Cometic head gasket. Completly stock head with the exception of Ferrea oem replacment size valves and the dual exaust cams(248/248)
2009-10-15 23:38:35
How are you planning on adding the fuel?
2009-10-16 00:43:33
^^^^ I think the 315cc injectors and the SAFC. Will the 315cc injectors flow enough?? That is the only part that concerns me. Wouldnt you be better off with bigger injectors??

Ill be doing a similar setup. However ill be doing a 100 shot wet direct port setup as my 2nd stage (5500-7500 RPM) and running a zex dry 50 shot as my 1st stage (3500-7500 RPM)
2009-10-16 01:00:56
I have a Calum realtime ECU, and I have the nitrous regulator and adjustable tee also but I definatly havent decided yet.

The 315's are not for the nitrous, I got them for free off of a sc300, I just used them for the switch from side to top feed. If I decide to use the calum 460 mazda fc injectors will be used.

I use the safc for a street tune and to adjust for the different injectors for now. Its definatly not perminant I got it for $50 from a friend.
2009-10-16 23:46:47
It all depends is this a daily driver or a track car?
2009-10-17 01:17:59
Its a street car thats not daily driven, the nitrous is definatly for the track.
I know going to a wet set up is the most recomended set up by far, But if you think about it, its not that far fetched it has been done before. Picture a basic dry NOS efi kit with the addition of 3 more nozzles. It would run the same and fuel can be added or taken out depending on the shot(same as single nozzle.)

Thanks for the feed back though and the advise I do appreciate it. Just curious though how much do you guys have invested in your nitrous kits, including accesories and excluding dyno time, instalation, and stuff like that. I spent $486 so far: new bottle, warmer, noids, used controler from DynoTune and nos dry kit left overs. I could of saved more but prefered to have some things new. I still need a fuel pressure gauge and digital n2o gauge.
2009-10-17 02:02:31
350ish. That includes a brand new bottle warmer from zex (210 ish). A brand new bottle blanket and a brand new liquid filled gauge.

On my direct port setup I already have 180 invested. That's the 4 fogger nozles and lines. I need a distribution block, fuel and nitrous solenoid (which I'm getting new) and a main feed line. I already have a spare nitrous bottle with its own blanket. Oh and I need another bottle warmer for my second bottle and a lower intake manifold.

I saved on installation costs by doing EVERYTHING except tapping my intake for the nozzle. So add another $30 there. Lol.
2009-10-17 03:49:25
So right now your running a dry shot, but your going to convert to a DP setup? What numbers are you trying to reach? I should be around 165 with an all motor tune, and with the nitrous 250-275. After that, lots of seat time at the track.
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