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Thread: Couple of N20 questions

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2009-09-01 06:05:12
Couple of N20 questions
Just curious but had a few questions...

1. If I converted from single nozzle to direct port will the direct port use more N20 than the Single nozzle or would it use the same amont of nitrous? Also could direct port (dry) be done with out running into any problems.

2. Is true that you really lose about 20 hp (from the selected N20 jet size) just by using a single nozzle set up? If so would it be ok to use a 20hp+ jet size to even out for losses.

3. What would be a good progressive controller to use that won't break my pockets ($ money$) wise.

4. At what point (jet size/power) is race gas required to run N20 safely. I heard anything over 100 shot.

I have more questions , they just slipped my mind, for now I'll post these up.
2009-09-01 06:54:33
1. No. Youre not injecting in more nitrous. Youre injecting less nitrous in each nozzle equaling the amount youre putting in the single nozzle. Direct port distributes nitrous into each cylinder evenly. You arent using 4 100 shot jets, you are using 4 25 shot jets.

2. Possible on the first question. 2nd question depends on what setup/shot you are running now.

3. You got to pay to play. Cheap way? 2 stage set up.

4. You heard wrong. I ran my first B14 up to a 125 shot wet completely bone stock minus an intake. Race gas wasnt required. You can always knock down your timing a couple of degrees.
2009-09-01 12:23:29
1.like vex630 said no,also running a dry direct port why?you would need a ecu to compensate for the nitrous with fuel

2.single foggers are not as efficent as direct port(direct port hits harder even more than plate systems)cause not being able to distribute nitrous equally.second ?depends on setup

3.they range from $150 all the way up to $800,depends on want kind of controllability you want...cheaper ones work fine they justr dont have all the high tech functions of the expensive ones....

4.vex630 is right,but tuning is key for any power adder...but all in all no ones stopping you from using racing gas on a 75 shot...its all a personal thing
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