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Thread: total newb

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2009-04-21 22:52:14
total newb
ok.. recently i've been pressured into seriously considering nitrous. as of right now im running a B14 with a VE. after calum starts accepting orders again i can get an ecu from him and get my Z32 MAF on there.

so i guess what im really wondering is.. all bs aside, how much would i be looking at spending on a somewhat entry level wet shot (50ish shot)?

ive heard people tell me about how they got their kit for $100 and how easy it is. but when i see what they have it looks like crap and like its a one way ticket to a blown motor due to zero quality.

any advice or pointing in the right direction would be GREATLY appreciated.

2009-04-21 23:13:00
a good wet kit for a good price will run you around $250. 50 shot is nothing atleast hit it with a 75 shot, my .02 on that. but it's really easy and hella fun! you'll love it
2009-04-21 23:48:56
I spent $65 on my kit from a guy I knew for my dry Zex kit. I had to get a line,nozzle, wiring, switches, bottle pressure gauge, new Walbro 255 HP fuel pump and a bottle heater. I also wanted to be safe and got the solenoid changed out for a new one. I run anywhere from a 35 to 100 shot on my dry kit. Came out to be around $300 ish all together. This dry kit is on my B14 and for the past 8 months I have been spraying damn near daily. Its not my daily driver anymore but its holding up fine.

I paid $200 for the Zex wet kit I have in my Z32 TT and its been holding up fine on a 55 shot.

I always carry 2 sets of spark plugs and a wrench with a spark plug socket in my car. People that blow their motors are lazy and dont check their plugs like they should. They use incorrect jet sizing because they are too lazy to spend $3 on the right jets.

Check your timing WITH A TIMING LIGHT before anything. Always use a step colder plugs. No matter what anyone tells you and no matter how small of a shot you are running always use a step colder. BKR7E gapped to .30 is what I use on a 100 shot and BKR7E-11 gapped to 40 is what I use on a 55.

I would say go with the Zex kit because it is a very safe system. Plus youre not going to go with a big shot so you just want something reliable. You paid good $$$$ for your VE motor so why not be safe with it?
If you need any help PM me.
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