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Thread: ACT Slipping clutch!!

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2009-03-31 00:24:03
ACT Slipping clutch!!
So I went to the track Sunday and decide to use a 75 shot of NOS on my VVL G20. I guess I should of warm up the clutch first little by little before dropping it in the hole. It's was literally brand new ACT Pressure Plate/Street disk combo, it's been broken into for more than 3,000 miles, I installed myself with a fresh new flywheel surface, and its the very first time I go harsh on it, but the damn thing felt like I was on neutral on first and second gear.
One thing I could link it with is a oil leak under my dizzy which has dropped in between the bellhousing and the block.
I figure with my mods the 75 shot would put me approximately 270whp which should be good for this clutch setup....WRONG!
So know, the clutch is still grabing good with no NOS but it's has that burned smell every time I drive it.

My question is will this smell ever go away??

Since it only slipped once will it still be able to grab with like 50 shot???
2009-03-31 00:51:29
The smell may go away eventually, but it won't hold NO2.

You need a stronger clutch.
2009-03-31 00:54:48
yep. need a stronger clutch.

and fix that distributor leak. now. Its a cheap, easy, and very quick fix. Took me 7 minutes.
2009-03-31 02:13:05
So once it slips thats it's done huh.

what about the pressure plate with a new disk?

I can't believe I just spent 300 something in that clutch and it's toasted. One other thing I noticed the the disk had the exedy brand and I recall a thread about similar coincidences.
2009-03-31 03:25:05
ACT Xtreme pressure plate and unsprung 6 puck. You wont regret it.
2009-03-31 06:10:44
Nitrous is much harder on your clutch. Remember, the torque is instant. I would go with what reddragun said. Make sure its unsprung. You dont want to have what happens to alot of people and have a spring back out on you.
2009-03-31 14:05:57
That sucks cause I have sprayed a 100 shot and i have a HD PP/ and a b15 clutch disk.
I have yet to feel any type of slipping when I am on the spray.
2009-03-31 15:36:44
SGTSR20, the disk you are using only holds about 245ft lbs of torque, it probly wont hold the 270whp especially from NO2
2009-03-31 15:40:54
Originally Posted by star-bucks
That sucks cause I have sprayed a 100 shot and i have a HD PP/ and a b15 clutch disk.
I have yet to feel any type of slipping when I am on the spray.

The B15 clutch might be made from a different material; are you also using that 100 shot on a SR20ve.

An ACT 6 puck sprung clutch will holds 305ft lbs if you want.
2009-03-31 16:05:18
I'll probably get that ACT 6 puck unsprung later down the road as this clutch still grabs with no NOS and burns tires in first gear. Replacing clutches it's not fun especially when I have done like 3 in the last year.
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