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Thread: Cam gear settings with nitrous?

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2009-01-22 05:04:40
Cam gear settings with nitrous?
I should finally be getting my car dyno tuned soon. I had been thinking that it'd be best if we just made the most hp NA and then just dropped timing for the nitrous. Now I'm wondering if the motor would make the most hp NA and with nitrous, with different cam gear settings. Does that make sense? As in the settings that I find to make the most hp NA may not make the most when spraying. Any of you have any thoughts/info about this?
2009-03-17 02:30:36
Sorry for a late reply but since no one else has. Cam gears are good because they can allow you adjust the overlap of your valve timing. With nitrous you want less overlap. Hope that helps some.
2009-10-27 21:34:55
not a nissan expert but know my nitrous and i know my chevys.GOOD question.yes less valve over lap because u what to open ur exhust valve sooner (advance your exhaust cam).with nitrous to help reduce pumping loses with nitrous and reduce friction loses as well.and some say by having less overlap you wast less nitrous during exhaust scavenging.if you want to know more just ask and me on here and ill clearify
2009-10-28 05:15:11
but like i said i am not a nissan expert
2009-10-28 14:01:47
Well you see how much of a response I had gotten before lol. Any advice is welcome.
2009-10-30 06:41:58
When adjusting the cam gear its +/-2.5 degrees per tooth which is a pretty big jump per adjustment. You can't adjust it per degree(+/- 1 degree) even with adjustable cam gears. I wouldnt stray to far from BC's recomended cam position, most of the gain your getting is from the higher lift and duration obviosly so if you adjust it, you will actually loose power while your not using nitrous. I dont picture the gain being that much if your particular lifts and durations allow you to adjust the cam with out risking the valve clearance with the piston.
2009-10-30 13:16:41
I'm not using the gears that you unbolt and move to adjust. All you do is loosen some screws turn it a tad and tighten it.
2009-10-30 15:02:08
O ok I thought you were using JWT cam gears. What brand are the gears, and what are specs of the cam? On BC's web site I see for s13 and s14 models only.
2009-10-30 16:30:29
I think the gears are arospeed, but can't remember for sure. I got them cause they are easier to adjust so whenever I actually go to the dyno, I can figure out whats best, and THEN get the normal gears that you don't have to worry about slipping and causing problems lol.

As for the specs go by the S13 stage 3.
2009-10-31 00:06:48
Thats funny, BC does not have a list of the timing events needed to calculate how much overlap you have with those cams. Is there anything listed in a spec sheet that came with the cams?
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