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Thread: Ga16de on spray?

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2009-07-21 12:28:48
Originally Posted by Topdog781
So those things are pritty much stronger tha the sr trannys then.

I wouldn't say that. It is relative to the HP and torque we make in comparison to the HP he SR makes. The other variable is the driver. I have seen MANY high hp (>300) SR's survive on stock trannies for a LONG time if the driver is not ham fisted.
2009-07-22 15:53:49
I never had any problems with my tranny of course I wasn't pushing all that much power. The N2O would make the clutch slip in second though if I floored it out of the shift.
2009-08-09 02:34:10
Originally Posted by hiimrif
I ran a 16 flat with a 94 xe with a 35 wet shot. Had done a head polish and port match on the head myself, JWT ecu, port matched sr20 tb to intake manifold header, intake and exhaust. I was really pissed because I wanted to break into the fifteens and had I had one more run at the track I could of done it as I was dropping about .1 secs a run. Unfourtanetly about a week later the little GA succombed to blow by... still drove it for another 4000 miles before I bought my 200sx. It was fun with the 35 shot I still want to get another ga and turbo it for personal satisfaction. I'm not sure the N2O was responsible for the piston rings going as it was the first motor I ever rebuilt(for absoulutley no reason, the thing was spotless when i took it apart, AMSOIL FTW). And had ran without oil for ohhh a good 2 years(it was the first motor i ever rebuilt... you really should take the motor out and never get your oil changed at a shell lube, they like to forget to tighten the oil filter)

That's a LOT of work to run 16's...
2009-08-09 07:12:29
Originally Posted by Matt
That's a LOT of work to run 16's...

^ YES IT IS!! is it the car or what goes between the seat and the steering wheel???
2009-08-09 18:13:05
Originally Posted by Matt
That's a LOT of work to run 16's...

I agree! I ran 15.8 with bolt on's. Headwork and cams brought me down to a 15.5
2009-08-10 14:05:08
Originally Posted by wes
I agree! I ran 15.8 with bolt on's. Headwork and cams brought me down to a 15.5

Yeah not really sure if my "Port and Polish" did anything positive for my car It seems like it ran slower afterwards.
2013-04-05 01:32:27
Originally Posted by Masik
I ran 100 shot SE-R inj and Se-R ECU many many years ago ....LOL lasted about 6months but then again I was filling up NOS 3 times a week and beating the motor to hell It held up like a champ.

I have a question I have a 1998 nissan 200sx se ga16de and I wana spray a 100 shot wet setup iam trying to figger out at what timeing do I set this car at iam using the injectors maf and ecu from a 1998 se-r what should I set the timeing at? Any help would be great thank you.
2013-04-05 04:22:21
I ran a 100shot on. my ga16
2013-04-23 03:49:38
I know a guy who ran a 14.3 in 92 Sentra XE with a 100 shot, intake, header, exhaust too.
2013-04-23 09:46:43
cool so far i have herd or read that the ga16de engine can handel the 100 shot nos np, i do have bigger injectors maf and ecu from a 98 se-r in my 98 se.
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