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Thread: Ga16de on spray?

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2008-12-16 03:08:18
There was a ga16de b14 four door on bottle down here a couple of years ago. It was cleaning house!! It was funny seeing pull on the new mustangs when they came out. It was a total sleeper with b14 wheels with 205 BFG Drags. lol He eventually swapped over to a sr20 with the giggle gas.
2008-12-16 05:10:06
giggle gas? lol yeah i would do an sr swap eventually, just thought it would be fun to blow up the ga while i had it
2008-12-16 05:25:13
I was able to use a 75hp shot of N2O on my old GA. Just make sure to use a wet kit, colder plugs & back the timing back 2 degrees. I eventually swapped the motor to a SR and continued to use the same N2O set-up.
2008-12-16 05:34:16
gracias amigo
2008-12-17 12:59:37
I got my wet kit from a guy running a 75 shot on a stock b14 200sx se.
He was in the mid to high 15s ,and the motor held up for quite a while ...he eventually spun a bearing,and that was that.
I could out run his car while spraying with my NX with I/H/E on a stock DE with 150,000+ miles

It would cost as much for a good wet kit as a JDM sr20 to swap in...lol
2008-12-17 16:01:33
I ran 100 shot SE-R inj and Se-R ECU many many years ago ....LOL lasted about 6months but then again I was filling up NOS 3 times a week and beating the motor to hell It held up like a champ.
2008-12-17 16:24:17
My friend have 100 shot on a GA16DE stock internals & ECU, swap b11 chasis for 3 years. Strong GA
2008-12-17 23:26:13
very usefull info :-) thank you

i might as well go sr first then. lol
2008-12-22 13:23:24
Originally Posted by alfsentra
My friend have 100 shot on a GA16DE stock internals & ECU, swap b11 chasis for 3 years. Strong GA

^How often does he spray? The GA has a tough little bottom end for what it is. Go Nissan.
2009-01-01 16:03:02
Just for reference maybe sway you towards an sr...

My 199k+ mile 200 sr20de hit 15.1 in the 1/4 with advanced timing, ebay intake and exhaust, and stock internals. potential is to be had here

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