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Thread: Calling for assistance

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2008-08-10 14:56:12
Calling for assistance
I'll start for apologizing for the long story I have a habit of doing that.
Alright fellow sofla sr20 guys the time came where boost got a little too addicting and my ****ty factory headgasket went to ****. Pulled the head replaced that with a nice new cometic and changed the water pump but...there is always a but. I reassembled everything and somehow my timing chain wanted to jump a few teeth from where I marked it. Long story short I reset the timing totally setting it to TDC and lining up the black links ect. Car starts runs fine at 1k for about 2 seconds then falls off to a very lopey idle. I'm taking a vote for the timing being off. Going to double check everything but if someone knows timing I need some help.

I spoke with my man serban and he was busy this weekend but tried to help the best he could. If anyone is free and willing to take a look I would reimburse you for your help. Thanks guys you always help. I just hope I can get this sorted out.

Alright update. I just went outside to mess around with the car it starts fine and rev a little but in neutral at 1/2 throttle its building boost. I think that is a sign of the timing being off and also i listened to how the motor was firing and it seemed off. My vote is a timing issue now the question is. How do I fix it?
2008-08-12 06:19:18
no one can help
2008-08-12 07:09:27
If I knew I'd help but, I'm lost too
2008-08-12 16:09:52
I think its off by like one link I just have no idea which way it is off a tooth or which cam get it is off on
2008-08-12 16:11:31
Miko to the rescue!

That's what I would do...
2008-08-12 17:47:36
vaccuum leaks ,check timing once more, compression tester
if timing is correct
remember everything you took off an try to narrow down what could cause a lumpy idle after 2 seconds.. i believe if timing were off it wouldnt sit at 1k then go up an down..

misfiring be would be a sign of timing being off also but thats not what your describing..

spraying carb cleaner on all the vaccuum lines wile the cars on helps narrow down vaccuum leaks.. check around intake manifold gasket.. did that to me once even though the gasket was good.. it went away after a week.
2008-08-12 22:49:10
hopefuly you didnt bend anything ?
2008-08-13 00:36:55
no i turned the motor over by hand before i started it to make sure that everything turned over ok. I think the timing is off by one link ill try and get a video and post it up.
2008-08-13 00:37:22
Originally Posted by JCGator42
Miko to the rescue!

That's what I would do...

I sent miko a pm no answer :-/
2008-08-13 03:13:45
your car did skip a tooth,

You need to have someone turn the crank while you find the tooth that it skipped and then loosen the tention on the chain in order to adjust the cam gear to where it needs to be.

Its a pain , This happend to Waynes car at my house 1 day while he was having a cam installed.
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