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Thread: Markhem Park Nissan/Infiniti Meet(Saturday Sept. 27th 2008 , 12 pm)

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2008-09-23 16:46:37
2008-09-23 17:20:33
I don't think we wanted this to get this far.


That's gonna bring a lot of ricers....
2008-09-23 18:04:58
Originally Posted by Chill
I want to give this meet a name.

1. Nissan Festival
2. Nismarkham

Any more ideas?

Markham Mayhem ?

Nissan Markham Mayhem ?

Nismo Markham Mayhem ?
2008-09-23 18:32:24

for the broward meet and caravan
2008-09-23 18:51:33
Well I remember the Probes had one but I forgot the name of it.

2008-09-23 19:10:02
they did?
2008-09-23 19:36:22
hopefully these meets will turn into something bigger, until then we will enjoy the meets

also guys keep in mind were posting this meet to the world, and only a select few of us are bring/donating food and other items, so im sure the ones who bring items would like to enjoy them
2008-09-23 20:33:39
my food/drinks are for me and the people I know or have met at other meets. Random people can bring their own stuff.
2008-09-23 21:17:33
Ok guys we haven't decided whos gonna get there a lttle bit early. I would go but i'd have to leave my house at like 9 am ( not a problem just couldn't caravan down boo! )to get there around 10 or so.

Hey Trey, are you still going to the airport?

And i think some pepole will be meeting at Towers.
2008-09-24 00:56:09
91graydet maybe we should caravan down early.for the northern guys
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