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Thread: Markhem Park Nissan/Infiniti Meet(Saturday Sept. 27th 2008 , 12 pm)

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2008-09-28 03:39:42
yeah our annual Markham park takeover went very well.

We'll keep everyone posted on the next one. Possibly in January..
2008-09-28 04:00:24
Originally Posted by 91grayDET

I got there super extra late but I did not miss this classic moment.
2008-09-28 04:20:23
Had a great time. Very nice turnout....and my G20 gets the first pic posted!!! Can wait for the next one. I think my son really was the only one who really wanted to get into those root beers!
2008-09-28 05:13:09
**** when did the pulsar show up?!
2008-09-28 05:22:00
After you left lol.
2008-09-28 05:50:52
^^ X2 Andres...BTW I see you changed ur front grill to stock I personally prefer that one over the other aesthetically

I was real nice catching up with a few OLD SR members I saw Andy,Andres,Doug and Rodrigo..amazed @ the turn out...

ppl and things I wished I would have seen:

SE-Rican's Boriqua A$$
where is the hell is Figgy??
Lance ( I know he no longer owns a B13 but he's OG )
The gentleman that own's lance's old car..lucky A$$ !
2008-09-28 06:24:33
Great Turnout guys had fun no doubt this should be an annual thing i dont think it should be twice a year cause this lets it build more hype so i think that way there will be better turnouts in the future.
2008-09-28 10:14:12
Originally Posted by Lok
That meet was definitely larger than expected.

And speaking of nasty soda... who brought that Coffee Energy Drink? It was.. peculiar.

Rod got em... Actually pretty good. I was shocked. Drinking one right now before I head to work.

Big ups to the chef for his Full Throttle and shrimp!
2008-09-28 12:02:41
Originally Posted by 91grayDET
Big props to Mr. SE-R for making the trek from the Orlando area, and big ups to Andy for trailing his not street legal B13. Very nice work

Any time.
2008-09-28 12:51:54
Originally Posted by Masik
^^ X2 Andres...BTW I see you changed ur front grill to stock I personally prefer that one over the other aesthetically

I like the other gril better, the only reason I changed it is becasue it cracked and I was to lazy to fix it or make another one.
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