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Thread: Markhem Park Nissan/Infiniti Meet(Saturday Sept. 27th 2008 , 12 pm)

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2008-09-16 18:43:24
Where you from Swagger? DR?
2008-09-16 18:50:15
Someone bring a port o potty!
2008-09-16 18:51:50
^ just open your sunroof
2008-09-16 19:09:17
Originally Posted by SWAGGER
SWAGGZ will bring.....Yellow rice and beans!

aroz con gandules for those who know

How about some pasteles and alcapurrias?
2008-09-16 19:23:11
pasteles are expensive and time consuming. Maybe I'll take special oders on rice and pasteles ;]

oh I'm from New York but 100% Puerto Rican
2008-09-16 20:05:15
Originally Posted by 91grayDET
Yeah there's plenty of grills, but not plenty of parking , unless we park on the grass like last time.

I'm on charcoal duty & lighter fluid

hell with all these people and all this food make sure we hae enough charcoal
2008-09-16 21:21:00
Originally Posted by Sentrixx
Someone bring a port o potty!

They got bathrooms at the park. I know some ppl are gonna be harfing that food down !

I got them 2 big BJ's size bags of charcoal and 2 big things of lighter fluid.

Friday night im gonna go to BJ's and grab them big bags of buns & big pack of hot dogs.

Hey SWAGGER, you gonna cook them rice and beans saturday or friday?

We'll have to head out around 9 am to meet up with Wayne at Best Buy.
2008-09-16 21:41:48
If my food is wanted, It will be brought already cooked late friday night or early saturday morning so nice and fresh

if not just give me another suggestion of something to bring.....
2008-09-16 22:12:50
Nah that's cool. Just be sure to be ready around 9 am or so.

How far are you away from Gatlin & PSL blvd? I could meet you at the Freshco parking lot.
2008-09-16 22:19:52
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