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Thread: Markhem Park Nissan/Infiniti Meet(Saturday Sept. 27th 2008 , 12 pm)

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2008-08-18 23:23:44
CAaaaaN U DIGGG ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( warriors moment)

I will be coming, in the B14 but my friend Dan will be driving my G.
, bringing all the chef tools necessary someone has to make me a chef smily ...

I will bring some food & beer and my fat ass.
, I know im late but everyone coming should pick one and bring it,

I will need the following

Burger Buns 48 (4 doz)
Hot Dog Buns 48 (4 doz)
Burgers 4 - 12 packs ( 4 people can bring these)
Ketchup-mustard,sweet baby rays BBQ , all =$5-6
2 bags of chips = $5
Potato salad (large) = $6 for 2
Cole Slaw =$6 for 2
Plates and Cups $6
Forks and napkins
Corn $6 bucks worth should get like a dozen
Charrcol - $ 6 each , i will need 2 bags ( at least, pref 3)

and a whole bunch of Nissans to complete the list.
2008-08-18 23:38:52
Originally Posted by Rodrigo
CAaaaaN U DIGGG ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( warriors moment)

I will bring some food & beer and my fat ass.


It was only a matter of time!!!! The chef has arrived!

Dammit, i knew i shoulda put you on the list!!
2008-08-18 23:40:30
Those who are down are as follows;

91grayDET - charcoal, lighter fluid, pack of hot dogs & buns
Treydee - Publix chicken & cookies
305 ser boi
Oldschool05 - drinks & chips
b13sr20BB - seasoned leg quarters & stew chicken, corn on the cob
David SE-R
SUNNY boi - boxes of root beer
Sentrixx - cooler with water & soda
Joekuh - hot dogs and buns
Serban - burgers & buns ( if he can remember )
jdm nismo chik - cooler with ice & drinks, cooking utensils
Rodrigo - food, beer & his fat ass

List updated 8/18/08.
2008-08-18 23:43:30
Originally Posted by Sentrixx
Emmmm...la granja.... Might hit that up again. Me like!

I found a La Granja in Fort Pierce i went to, i was trying to sneak a bottle of that spicy sauce out, but i had no where to hide the damn thing.... ggrrrr
2008-08-18 23:49:34
Originally Posted by Rodrigo

I will bring some food & beer and my fat ass.

thats what she said!
2008-08-19 00:30:04
Lets see if I can get my coilovers and my new rims on for the meet. I guarantee 99% of you have never seen them.

15x7+35 4x100 Rays Huhrer Sprint

Theres a reason why I colored it like that
2008-08-19 00:31:25
Crap I just googled it and the site was the first one to come up lol
2008-08-19 09:35:44
lol werddd Ill have my camera and what not's as usual
2008-08-19 16:30:42
Some pics from last years meet. Let's make it bigger this time guys!!

2008-08-19 16:59:17
More pics of last year ....

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