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Thread: In Miami for the weekend!!!

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2008-07-05 23:11:35
Originally Posted by SE
well, im in Miami beach area now at a Ihop on Biscayne blvd. and we are staying at the hilton on the same road. i have to say this is my first time here and im not impressed. but i just got here and i will see how the beach and nigt lifego.

Nah Biscayne isn't really the spot for nightlife. Ocean dr., Collins ave. the South Beach area is. But if you're on Biscayne and don't mind the honeys that look like runway models ( of course you don't ) , hit up Bongos Cuban Cafe after 11 pm ...
2008-07-10 13:33:34
Miami and key West sucks.
Will post my bitching later.
2008-07-10 13:36:19
lol I wanna hear this!
2008-07-10 16:12:16
yeah me too... I was down there the same time u were. Def. didnt suck, I thought the bums on south beach live better than most
2008-07-10 16:14:11
Miami beach sucks u got to go to south beach. Women, clubs, drinking, women
2008-07-10 16:14:25
Originally Posted by SE
Miami and key West sucks.
Will post my bitching later.

^ x 3 on wanting to here this. My boy just got back from Key West and he said it was BUTTNAKEDD down there.
2008-07-10 16:22:35
yeah my girls father lives on the canal across from J-Lo's house. We were on miami beach and south beach, Either way it is better than F*in Connecticut!
2008-07-11 16:07:32
My WTF List of of my trip to Miami..
I've read many things about Miami and these are the things that WAS NOT MENTIONED.

The Homeless people
- Ok I know every major city have their share of homeless people But WTF!!!! I was afraid i was going to get mugged ( A little over dramatic but you get my point)

The parking - For those that are willing to drive to Miami beach ... DONT ... Unless you don't mind paying out he ASS hole and the hole in your penis for parking.
The meters wasn't that bad, $1 for Park and Display per hour...
That isn't the bad part, the bad part is you can pretty much NOT FIND PARKING!!!
And when you do, some asshat in a white shirt tells you "you can't park on this city street unless you pay ME $20...." WHAT!!!!!
Miami is ****ed up for allowing someone to get a permit allowing them to charge a ridiculous amount of money for parking on the city street.Valet they call it when you park your own car.. lol... Again, WTF!!!

RUDE, Rude ****ing RUDE PEOPLE - OK, anyone that say NYC have rude people NEVER been to NYC. I've lived there almost all my life and Miami out shines NYC on this topic.
That being said, Miami people are not nice in anyway. Mostly the ones that work there. I mean Miami is one of the Biggest tourist attractions, at least TRY to be nice to the people that keep your town up and growing.

No hablo anything!!! - I know where Miami is located on the Map. I know it's a port for a lot of people from different walks of life. But i've met more people in Spanish harlem that speaks better English the anyone that i've pretty much met there. I mean really! Every time I ask for something they look at me like they never heard of what i'm asking.. Get annoying REAL fast.
"Mama' can i please have another fork" FFForkKKKor???? YES Mama' Fork..LLEEmememe aska manaager.. OMG!!! Bitch brings back a Knife.!!! I can talk about this all day.. Next topic.

TOLLS - again, this is for the people that want to drive to Miami. Be ready to pay a toll every time you blink. From Biscanie Ave (sp) going to Dolphin mall which is about i would say hum... 10miles round trip back to the hotel, we paid (4) tolls, i'm sure it was (5) but I remember (4). stupid..!!

MIAMI - Is the slums! Everywhere have them. But Miami have the most i've ever seen. Yes, you go there you see a multimillion dollar house here and there, But that do not stop Miami from looking like Kuwait.

Key West - Key west is for old people. I didn't go to any other part of the Key's.. We went right to key west. And if your under 70, Don't go there.
The beach was the worse I've ever seen in my life.
As you drive past the other keys you will see some of the most beautiful beaches, just not in key west.
I've heard so much about that place and i was so disappointed.

To end this drawing out bitch fest, if your single, like to party, Miami could be the place for you.
If you are married, or have kids and looking for a trip, Miami isn't the place. Well it could be if you stayed away from the beach.

Enjoy, and I all of this is the dead truth. We all have our own opinions. But these are my facts.
2008-07-11 16:13:57
Wow! If you think Miami is bad, then stay as far away from Chicago as humanly possible.

I used to live in Chicago , and to me Miami is heaven by comparison. Chicago is 100x worse than anything Miami can throw at you.

At least Miami has hot chicks, sun and beaches. So IMO Miami rocks
2008-07-11 16:27:33
I'm sorry but either you don't travel much or your levels of expectations are wayyyyyy too high. Some of the points that you make are very true, but still exaggerated IMHO. #1 rule of any sucessful trip is to plan it before you go and you'll have a great time. Winging it almost always leads to disapointment. Sounds to me like you were caught up in the tourist trap, which mean you weren't willing to go look for things, just expected them to be there.

Next time leave the kids @ home and just go with the wife.
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