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Thread: AC help in Central FL area.

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2014-05-30 02:10:55
AC help in Central FL area.
I have a car that need the ac diagnosed ,fixed,and upgraded/updated if possible.I have reached the limits of my capabilities here
I prefer not to get into all the details of either car in this post,but will gladly explain via phone to anyone interested in helping me out with this.
I am not looking to cut corners or get anything for free...what I want is someone to fix this correctly,for a fair price.
I dont think that is asking too much,but it seems like no matter what lately nothing is that easy.

Heres the problem. I am not letting the car out of my sight and nobody is driving it but me.Period.
I want to make an appointment, drive it somewhere have the ac checked out while I wait(I will wait as long as need,within reason)
I am willing to take apart any necessary trim/interior pieces as needed.
If that car is done correctly ,etc.Then I have a second car to bring to be gone through as well....and possibly more in the future as well.

The places around where I live are great at lifting trucks and swapping used parts on,,but usually dont even want to touch my sr20 cars....nor do I want them to.

2014-06-13 01:53:03
bump swampass sucks
2014-08-13 02:46:11
Have you checked to see if you needed this part???

2014-08-13 14:21:53
A/C is not a complex system as many would think. You can do it youself and save some $$$. Like Mickey pointed, change your expansion valve, condenser and drier along with seals and you should be fine as long as your compressor is good.
I recently did this and I took it a step further and took out the evaporator (need to do this anyways to change the exp. valve) and flushed it out with carburetor cleaner/brake parts cleaner. Basically you want to make the system as sterile as
possible and remove as much debris as possible. once you have it put together, take it to a shop to get it vacuumed and recharged.

PS- if you are converting to R134a from R12 do the same steps as above but remove the mineral oil from the compressor and replace with the appropriate PAG oil (most Nissans use PAG-100)
2014-08-14 16:52:00
Don't know what exactally is wrong with your system. But if you are going to replace all yiur parts as mentioned by 92_sEnAtRa I can evac and recharge it for you at my shop. that is assuming it is r134
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