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Thread: Relocating To Tampa

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2013-06-07 03:03:41
Relocating To Tampa
So after spending far too much time in this area, @JTstyle and I are packin up shop here in VA and relocating to Tampa late August/early September. I have been in this state my entire life and am quite ready for a fresh start. Have some friends in the area, have been to visit several times, love that the weather is warm year round, have some money set aside to get started down there, no more ties here, gf in Orlando, etc etc etc. I am currently 24 and feel that if I don't uproot myself from this place soon, I never will.

Will be bringing my IS300, Pathfinder, and B14 with me and I'm sure we will both be behind the wheel of future sr20s after getting down there so I wanted to see what active members were located in the area and if there are any good Nissan meets/shops around the South Tampa area? I'll be bringing all my remaining parts/engines/etc as well so if anyone is in need of any parts/a hand wrenching/wants to meet up and have a few beers and just talk Nissans hit me up!

Wish I could make it to the convention this year as it would basically be on the way down for us if we could leave sooner, but other priorities in life are keeping us here for the summer.

Regardless, I look forward to meeting some of you Florida guys and checking out all the sweet cars hidden down there away from the rusty Mid-Atlantic. Cheers!

2013-06-07 03:10:47
What he said, i remember the old days FL guys were deep looking forward to meeting up!
2013-06-07 12:23:54
nice, you guys should have MORE fun down there!
2013-06-07 13:31:38
Yea dude, we have some hard core Sr guys down here. We also have some pretty good size meets
2013-06-11 20:40:57
^^^heck yeah @ga16eats(Pat)...my car should be out by late August or early September so we can all meet up. I'm sure if @eggman(Jay) aint busy working and stuff we can all get together and meet up with you guys (@V1rg1n1azf1nest & @JTstyle)
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2013-06-12 09:39:25
Fa5ho, looking forward to it.
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