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Thread: ~! FS/FT The imfamous Jdm b14 LiP !~ Florida

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2008-04-22 17:57:21
~! FS/FT The imfamous Jdm b14 LiP !~ Florida
well j/k about the jdm but im sure alotta ppl are familiar with this lip on the forums if u seen my car. I have to get rid of this because i usally park in the street because my car is on its balls and i cant get on the driveway but now HOA is bitc^&^ and either have to raise my car and suffer with the wheel gap or get a different front lip

( Admins i know we cant have sale/ trade threads but i need this one please, :biggthump )

Condtion of lip: GReat, unseen road sratches under the bottom of the lip, made of flexible urathane, treated with dash polish or wheel cleaner to give it a deep gloss and protect from the sun

Installing for a b14: A breeze, u and a buddy can have it done in about 30mins to 1hr.. Cars need to either be high of the ground and bumper off and just line up the lip around and drill srews threw it.... Never had a problem with the lip becoming lose and anything...

Here what id like to get:

1. A trade for a b14 stillen lip either black or red plus my cash on top obviously
2. $ 75 plus picked up, shippng on buyers expense

I do not want any kinda 626, mk3 lip or anything.......thanks


sorry for all the pics
2008-04-22 19:37:13
dibs..... ill paypal you the money when you put a email address
2008-04-23 10:39:49
BUMP for northern guys looking to plow snow.
2008-04-23 13:47:24
Originally Posted by Sentrixx
BUMP for northern guys looking to plow snow.

2008-04-23 16:00:19
Originally Posted by Sentrixx
BUMP for northern guys looking to plow snow.

jealous cuz my car looks better than urs wayne
2008-04-23 16:21:53
2008-04-23 17:56:06
i cannot use it anymore, so i have to take back my bump
2008-04-23 18:13:19
Originally Posted by s132nr
jealous cuz my car looks better than urs wayne

Why do you think your better than everyone now? cause everyone thinks your car is "jdm" let them get a closer look in person. You made it clear in the other thread that your car was better than mine, so now its better than waynes too?
2008-04-23 18:29:45
Don't worry 2dr. Your SE-R is still my favorite.
2008-04-23 18:52:48
rob, bite me....i hardly feel im better than everyone just cuz alota ppl think my car looks good for its age. thats their opinion so get over it! get a better look in person, ya ok lets not make jokes...i would be shhhhh and go along with ur self. He called it a snow plow, so if he wants to pick n joke around with me in a good nature, then so will i.....mind ya buisnes if u cant take friendly bantering. and how did i make it clear in the last thread....i never said anything.........u were the one was like "This thread has seen more action in 1 month, then any thread i have ever posted in my life. I dont understand". I know my car isnt perfect nor did i say it was. Dont get all fresh with urself just cuz u have a turbo now.

btw when u gonna bring it to another side of tampa so ppl can see it, u should go to the races on sunday night on causeway
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